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Arquederm Cheek Filler to Pull Wrinkles Up- Chicago, IL

My RN esthetician is the only one in IL using this terrific technique. You can find her at Lincoln Park Aesthetics. The syringe is curved and allows for deeper placement of the filler. The technique works by creating a support structure for your own skin, so your skin is moved back to where it should be before aging pulled it down, instead if using the filler to volumize per se. I like that... READ MORE

Ulthera- Scary but Hopeful! Chicago, IL

I recently got Ultherapy, a few weeks ago. I was very nervous of adverse effects, but I'm noticing dropping eyebrows and hooded lids and thought a non-surgical brow lift would be a good solution. Patient satisfaction of Ulthera is much higher than Thermage, and it is actually FDA approved. It was done by a RN who is also an esthetician. I took 1/2 a vicodan and a whole xanex. The pain wasn't... READ MORE

Good Treatment for the Dreaded "11s" - Chicago, IL

I will say this- the first time got Botox, I took the MDs suggestion for 20 units (between the eyebrows, glabella region). After it kicks in (2-3 days), I got a SPLITTING headache that lasted a solid week straight, sun-up to sun-down, Motrin did not touch it. It was a little hard to concentrate at work because the headache was very distracting (I normally NEVER like never-ever get... READ MORE

Needed Revision on Previous Permenant Make-up - Chicago, IL

I went somewhere else a few years ago, and I wasn't happy with my results. I went to Chocolate for Your Body salon and I was really happy with the way they fixed it. Also they charged LESS than where I went first (Universal Aesthetics) and touch-up was free. I'm not crazy about the eyeliner procedure, it's scary and can be painful. The original place I went created a very sloppy line. ... READ MORE

V Beam for Rosacea - Chicago, IL

I have had this laser multiple times. It definitely gets rid of more pronounced broken capillaries as well as reducing rosacea somewhat (not all the way). I would describe my rosacea as mild persistent- to other people I just look like a have a pink-ish complexion. But for me I've educated myself about the condition and know it can worsen. My father has it bad, although it can be worse in... READ MORE

Questions from Nessie76

What does fat atrophy or necrosis really mean in practical terms?

Having recently had Ulthera, and noticing some minor irregular skin changes (part of normal healing or early signs of adverse effects??) it makes me nervous. Such as could... READ MORE

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Amazing difference/ you look great! READ COMMENT

I do think there's a long-term benefit! My botox has def worn off, and I no longer frown in that way (I re-trained myself from having it paralyzed), and my forehead is very smooth. Totally worth it. READ COMMENT

Hi DJ 1969. I do feel the treatments I have been getting have softened my look overall, and I frown a lot less since I got used to the paralysis, so I'm just not making that facial expression anymore like I used to, even when the Botox... READ COMMENT

OK Thanks! I will definitely keep that in mind the next time I need to get something done. READ COMMENT

Looks fantastic! I may have to do that sometime. You look great. READ COMMENT