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Botox is my Miracle! Eatontown, NJ

Had horrible wrinkles across my forehead and the dreaded 11 in between my eyes.It made me look angry and like the grouch. I got just my forehead done by Dr. Lombardi and in a few days my wrinkles relaxed and I look good and happy with a serene brow. I am always getting botox from now on! It will prevent further wrinkles. My forehead is so smooth! Look no lines! READ MORE

Horrible Eye Circles FILLED In! It Looks Great! - West Orange, NJ

I had a rough summer taking care of a sick relative, it drove me into the ground with stress! I had looked around for solutions for my increasingly hollow eye sockets that make me look skeletal and worn out. I had spent wasted money on fillers that could only be used in my cheeks like juvaderm, sculptra. The effect doesn't last and it did little for my main problem my very sunken in eye... READ MORE

MINI LIFT : 10 Years Younger in 2 Hours! - Eatontown, NJ

This is the best thing I ever did! NO ANESTHESIA! only local! Ten times easier than a dentist appointment! Painless too. First off it was so easy I literally was in the office 2.5 hours total! He numbs your face and pulls skin back and clips it, stitches baby stitches near your ears that are hidden upon healing, I was talking the whole time. Before you know it, its over and you walk out... READ MORE

My Face Was Getting Hollow in Check Area by Eye Area - Highland Park, NJ

My face looked gaunt, mostly near my under-eyes orbital and cheeks. I was 123 lbs at 5'6" and my face was showing it. I looked older than I am from it so I wanted to try the temporary solution of a filler. I wasn't sure I would like it and I knew it may wear off in 6 months or a bit more. It hurt a bit but he put lidocaine via small needle into the are that numbed it fast. What amazed me was... READ MORE

He Fixed my Nose Tip Great Result - Highland Park, NJ

This man is awesome. He's down to earth, kind, and incredibly knowledgable. Both his sons are plastic surgeons also and share the office. A great family here. His daughter has a fabulous well recognized line of skin care products too. He fixes many BAD noses done by other surgeons. I was not happy with my nose tip since it hung down way too low. In a fast procedure, he lifted the angle of my... READ MORE

Eye Lift Left Awful Scarring on my Eye Corners - Livingston, NJ

The corner of my eyes where she removed skin looks like a jagged frankenstein scar on both sides. when I saw it afterwards and was alarmed, she had no response. she tried to get me to spend more $$ on scar reduction therapy! it was a sloppy job and to this day I have scars that are an inch long like wings on my outer eyes. I never had wrinkles there but immediately after it aged me ten years.... READ MORE

Fabulous Result! Size 9 Junior! - Eatontown, NJ

He and his staff are fantastic. Hes personable, down to earth and the procedures are not that overpriced like many offices, even though he's board certified. I had 2 fast globs on my outer hips that made me uncomfortable, weight loss didnt change them so I opted for lipo. It was in office, local anesthetic while I lay on my tummy. It was a bit over an hour and I was done. There is swelling and... READ MORE

IPL Was Not Painful but I Got a Bad Headache - Hoboken, NJ

It was not painful at all, I went for redness on my nose from an old rhinoplasty 8 years ago. veins grow bigger after that procedure and it causes swelling! So far so good except for that bad headache next day! I have 3 scheduled. Doctor was great! clean office and nice receptionist. I bought a special they ran $249- for 3 tx! this is after my first treatment, aprox 1 week later. I must... READ MORE

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No but I have a nodule in my cheek, its palpable with my tongue but invisible, it is shrinking. overall Im pleased with Sculptra! READ COMMENT

Do it! I promise in a few months you will be so much happier and more confident! nothing is gotten without hard work and sacrifice! READ COMMENT

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