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Bags Under my Eyes - Eyelid Surgery Ruined my Life - Rockport, IL

Moved to Florida 7 years ago. I was 55 then, and looking somewhat tired, with bags under eyes. I went to my Dr. to improve my appearance and look somewhat younger again. I have always had pretty eyes, almond in shape and told I looked like Sophia Loren. My upper weren't that bad, but thought the removal of some fat, (never over 3 mil) wouldn't hurt. I remember stating to her the evening of... READ MORE

Questions from Vickisue

Suggestions for Revision Eyelid Surgery?

What can be done for revision on Eyelid surgery? I had mine 7 years ago, I also had the almond eyes, but now they are round, wide and hollow.I would do anything to have some... READ MORE

Fat Transfer for Correcting Eyelid Surgery Results?

I had upper and lower eyelid surgery 7 years ago. It left my eyes hollowed with dark circles and sunken lids. My eyes are no longer almond-shaped and they won't stay closed... READ MORE

Difference Between Fat Transfer Procedures?

What is the difference between fat grafting, structual fat grafting, transconjunctival open composite fat grafting, and fat injections? Which is more effective and longest... READ MORE

Freezing Fat for Future Fat Grafting?

I have read you can freeze your own fat. Is this true? Can this be used for structural Fat grafting? How viable are live cells with this process? Are they harvested the same? READ MORE

What is Transconjunctival Open Composite Fat Grafting?

First let me thank you for suggestions on revision eyelid surgery. It has taken me 7 years to get here. You mentioned Transconjunctival Open Composite fat grafting. Is it... READ MORE

Oxygen Therapy Combined with Fat Transfer?

Regarding Fat Grafting or Fat Transfer, has anyone used oxygen therapy as a means of helping the blood flow, circulate and cells remaining viable through the assistance of this... READ MORE

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I am so sorry, and again eye lid surgery is an art, not perfected my most surgeons.Certified means little in those cases, since they go by the book, cookie cutter style. Some like yours, like to experiment, really not knowing what the... READ COMMENT

He did what I had written. You can never really recreate the crease they cut away, but added fat grafting that helped. The mid lift was also helpful in pulling eyes more lateral. Unfortunately none will last forever, since gravity plays... READ COMMENT

All the face treatments and injected fillers, can't beat a surgical lift. I too had a mid face-lift, after trying fillers. It was immediate and lasts much longer, at one price. READ COMMENT

I am so sorry for all the woman, including self, that has had to endure the emotional and physical pain of a botched eye lid surgery. There are no quick fix, and what works for one, may not for another. Your eye's are you, and any... READ COMMENT

Morning, Thank you for the message. To answer your question, will we overcome this ? No, you may get to a place where your satisfied with revision that was available, improved appearance and cost was affordable. But the scars of the... READ COMMENT