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It is very hard for me to help a patient with a less than desired outcome after surgery without my seeing her/him. I typically recommend that my patients see me every 6 to 12 weeks for the first year after surgery, to allow me to... READ COMMENT

I have no idea who this patient is, but every case I perform I utilize the most aesthetic techniques, developed over 22 years of performing hair restoration, that avoids pitting and cobblestoning. I hope that this patient will contact... READ COMMENT

I always stand by my work, that is why in those occasional cases when one of my rhinoplasty patients could benefit from a touch up, my fee is considerably less than $5000- much less- just enough to cover anesthesia and OR fees. I hope... READ COMMENT

Patient satisfaction is always my number one goal, and sometimes despite my very best work, patients do not attain the results we typically get. I am not sure who this patient is, but I sincerely urge you to contact my office... READ COMMENT

Yes, if the scalp donor hairs eventually become gray/white, the eyebrows also will do so. READ COMMENT