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Juvaderm for Depressed Scar

Im writing about my experience having juvaderm for a scar filler. The day of my appointment i was frantic and worried i wouldnt like the outcome. I worried that it would be worse than i started out. Had my appointement on April 8th. The doc put a numbing cream on my scar for a bit and advised me he has juvaderm plus with numbing in it as well READ MORE

Questions from madison79

Surgeon Who Specializes in Removing Indented Scars?

Im a 30 year old woman and I need some advice for an indented scar on the side of my chin area. The scar is from persistent acne years ago and the skin never elevated from... READ MORE

In Need of Scar Removal Expert Near Southeastern, WI?

I had a consultation with a surgeon in the Chicago area that told me there's nothing he can really do regarding a depressed scar I would like to improve. The area would be to... READ MORE

Juvederm or Radiesse for Temporary Scar Filler?

Hello! Needing some advice regarding a depressed scar on the side of chin. I would like to start off with a temporary filler and see how the results are first before doing... READ MORE

Doctor Recommendations in the Milwaukee Area for Injectable Fillers?

Looking for a doctor in the Milwaukee area that has lots of experience with injectable fillers such as Juvaderm or Radiesse. Thanks!! READ MORE

Skin Care Regime for 31 Yr. Old

Hi..was wondering about a skin care regime now that i have just turned turned 31. I usually only use Cetophil as a cleanser and Oil of Olay for moisturizer. But im wondering if... READ MORE

Need Suggestions on a Foundation (Mineral or Liquid)

Im having difficulties finding a foundation (liquid or mineral) that wont leave me looking shiny after only a few hours. Any suggestions of brands you like? Or maybe tips to... READ MORE

Under Eye Wrinkles at Age 31

Is 31 a Normal Age for Seeing Under Eye Wrinkles? What Can Be Done to Diminish Them? READ MORE

1 Month of Solodyn Doesn't Seem to Help. What Other Options Do I Have?

SHould I wait it out longer and see what happens or try something else? It seems like ive tried alot like: minocyline, doxycline (which may be allergic to but not positive)and... READ MORE

What Ingrediants Do I Want in my Daily Moisturizer That Are Benificial?

I am currently using Oil of Olay moisturizer and noticed an ingrediant called octinoxate. I did some research on it and found it can be good but also has potential side... READ MORE

Daily Moisturizers That You As Doctors Like.

Im 31 years of age with combination and acne prone skin. Looking for OTC brands that you like and was as ones you carry yourself in your offices. Both options would be... READ MORE

Will Retin-A Make my Skin Worse Before It Gets Better?

Ive just started using Retin-A for acne and was wondering if it could cuz breakouts until Im used to using it. Ive heard about the possibitly of causing dry skin and flaking... READ MORE

Can Retin-A Make Older Scars (Rolling Scars) on my Cheek Worse?

The scarring is not a fresh scar. I would have to say its from over 4 yrs ago. Is this a safe product to be putting on this area? Im so afraid to apply it to this area is case... READ MORE

Need Suggestions for Few Stubborn Pimples

Looking for OTC acne spot treatments to help with those few stubborn pimples. Not sure if i use to much product but it seems to dry out my skin too much and affect the... READ MORE

Retin-A (.1%) and Aczone Gel at Night?

Went to my derm today for my acne..currently taking soladyn and retin a at night. But she uped my strength to .1% and prescribed Acezone topical gel along with continuing the... READ MORE

Acne Scar Removal Doctor in Southeast, WI (Milwaukee Area)?

Looking for a doctor that has had experience dealing with a depressed acne scar. Not finding much doing my research on this..any suggestions would be very helpful! READ MORE

Looking for a Doctor in Milwaukee Area for Depressed and Rolling Acne Scars? (photo)

I have been to consultations and was suggested laser resurfacing but im wondering if subcision would help out my situation better. Not one doctor has suggested it (plastic... READ MORE

Treatment Options for Acne Scarring and Uneven Skin Tone? (photo)

Want to know my options for my acne scarring on side of face and chin area. i have one larger indented scar in particular on my chin that has been filled with juvaderm. results... READ MORE

How Do You I Get Rid of Broken Capillaries Around the Nose?

What treatment should i have done to get rid of broken capillaries aroung the nose? What are the risks and downtime? and also an estimate on cost. Thank you in advance for... READ MORE

Suggestions for a doctor in the southeast wisconsin area who is very good w rolling scars and depressed scarring?

Was hoping for suggestions on a doc who does subcision but unsure what treatment would help the most. Any recommendations would be very helpful! READ MORE

Dermapen for rolling and depressed scars. Are there any side effects?

Was wondering how the results were for the treatment dermapen for rolling and depressed scars. Also the side effects if any. Thanks! READ MORE

What treatment would you recommend for blood vessels around the nose?

Firstly what treatment would be best to treat this and would it be a one time treatment or multiple? Also what are the chances that they reappear..would i have to get it redone... READ MORE

Looking for a plastic surgeon or dermatologic surgeon in the southeast Wisconsin. Any suggestions?

Preferably one who is excellent dealing with rolling scars and atrophic specifically. So perhaps subcision or dermapen treatment?? READ MORE

Acne scar subcision in southeast Wisconsin?

Need Help!! Looking for a surgeon or dermatologic surgeon in my area of Lake Geneva WI. Which is located in southeast Wi. Any help with suggestions would be great. READ MORE

Discussions started by madison79

Doctor in the Milwaukee Area with Lots of Experience with Rolling and Depressed Acne Scars

Ive noticed alot of answers even from consultations have been lasers which i was trying to stay away from. Would subcision be helpful with a depressed chin scar as well as a... READ MORE

Looking for Great Dermatoligic Surgeons in Southeast Wi..any Suggestions?

I have rolling and indented scars and was thinking i may be a good candidate for subcision. Does anyone have any suggestions in my area???? READ MORE

Dermatologic surgeon in southeast Wisconsin?

Needing recommendations for a good dermatologic surgeon in southeast wisconsin..I live in lake geneva. Someone who treats acne scars such as rolling and depressed scars. Trying... READ MORE

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Can you explain more about what this treatment is? Is it like Dermpen with the needles? Thanks in advance! READ COMMENT

I was hoping my question would be posted with the others and not in the forum. i cant seem to find it on there. Thanks for the response but i actually went to one of the surgoens listed on that link and i was very unhappy how he dealt w... READ COMMENT

Can you please tell me what kind of doctor you went to...was this a plastic surgeon or dermatoligic surgeon? Im having trouble finding the later in my area. All the doctors ive seen have said lasers would work the best but im thinking... READ COMMENT

I must say you look great! I am also from WI could you please tell me who your doctor was? Again you look wonderful! READ COMMENT

Thanks so much for your very imformative response Lil" Nica 1987! I am feeling the same as you regarding family thinking I look beautiful still and feel they just tell me this so i stop obsessing over it. My boyfriend and friends also... READ COMMENT