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I have swelling in my breast (silicone) & an infected tooth as well, same side. Is it possible these two are related?

I got silicone implants 2 years ago and now have swelling in my right breast that is becoming unbearable. I also have an infected tooth on the right which I am currently on... READ MORE

My right breast has been swollen for 2 months now, had a tooth pulled and root canal and crown. Can this be related?

Breast started swelling around same time as I had my tooth (back molar) pulled and root canal and crown done. Also experiencing pain in back shoulder and armpit. Dentist has... READ MORE

Infection in breast implant area after extensive dental surgeries, leading to removal of implants - HELP!

I recently had my implants removed after 3 yrs. due to pain in my chest. I had extensive dental surgeries last year and feel like I have an infection in my chest. I also had... READ MORE

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I had mine out after 2 years, best decision ever. You have to do what's right for you, but you can always go back and get a lift a year later if you don't like the way they look then. You will have scars with a lift, & you can have them... READ COMMENT

Had an explant 3 months ago and very happy with the results, also having pain right side of body as well, not completely resolved, but better, being ride of implants feels much better and doesn't look so bad. Good luck to you. READ COMMENT

I had breast explant 2 weeks ago and had the same fears, but am happy to say what a relief to be rid of them. I was having pain in my chest and still have some, but it's getting better every day. Although my breast are a bit droopy, I... READ COMMENT

I feel so bad for you. I agree, when doctors don't know they bombard you with drugs. I have autoimmune disorders and have just gotten worse from some of the drugs prescribed to make me better. I just wish doctors would listen more to... READ COMMENT