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Filler Revision

I had a consultation with Dr. Lynn Chiu-Collins a couple of months back and trusted her aesthetic eye at the time but wanted to save money so I went to a medspa for tear trough fillers. It was a mistake! She used Juvederm under my eyes which left a blue hue, and she also did not apply the same amount on one eye as she did the other which not only left me with one lifted side and one hollow,... READ MORE

My First Experience with Under Eye Fillers! -San Francisco, CA

I'm 25 years old and I have very thin skin under my eye area. You can slightly see a blue vein under each eye and the eyes were hollowing out a bit just making me look tired on a regular basis. Every other area on my skin is quite healthy, so this area makes me pretty self conscious. I did about a year's worth of research before I decided to move forward with fillers. I was going to go... READ MORE

My Photofacial Experience -Los Altos, CA

So I've actually received photofacials for a long time now and I'd like to share my experience because I think a lot of people go into them expecting different results than they receive. I used to get IPL about 8 years ago when I was still in high school and was dealing with acne scars. What I noticed it would do for me is dry out any existing pimples, and with the correct amount of downtime... READ MORE

Questions from NinaLin

Is it possible to treat blue veins (w/laser treatment) if I've already had fillers?

Will it adversely affect the results or the fillers? I'm interested in having under eye fillers as well as laser treatment under the eyes for these small blue veins. I set up... READ MORE

Is it possible to get laser treatment under the eyes if I have fillers?

I'm about to get my first round of belotero for my tear troughs. Eventually I would like to undergo a laser procedure for the blue vein under my eye. Will this laser procedure... READ MORE

Options for treating blue veins on eye/temple area?

I've read other's stories of laser treatment for blue veins underneath the eyes or temple area. I happen to have one regular sized (not raised) blue vein under each of my eyes... READ MORE

Will a YAG laser cause any adverse affects if I have fillers?

I am getting fillers in my cheek area, and will be receiving YAG laser the following week. Should I get the fillers afterward? Or will they not interact at all with one... READ MORE

Lumps specifically on chin area, not acne?

Hello! I have suffered with acne breakouts off and on since I was off birth control a couple of years ago. Even since the acne has cleared up, I have been left with these weird... READ MORE

Best laser for dark inner inner corners of eyes (blueish color)? (Photo)

I have noticed I've been seeing a darkening in the inner corners of my eyes, it has a blue color in nature and it progresses as I spend any time in the sun. What is the best... READ MORE

Discussions started by NinaLin

I'm looking for a vein specialist in the SF bay area?

I have never had any type of facial surgery but I am 25 and am interested in having fillers as well as treating the two blue veins under each eye. I would like to treat the... READ MORE

How to find the right doctor / cosmetic dermatologist for my skin needs?

I'm 29 and my acne scars are not as bad as most that I've seen, but I still find them daunting. I have some rolling scars on my cheeks / smile area, about 5-7 ice pick and... READ MORE

Recent comments from NinaLin

Beautiful! Thank you for the update :) I ended up having new veins appear... will be back again! READ COMMENT

When I had mine done, it actually took a few days for the vein itself to disappear from view and the swelling to go down. I'd say about 5-7 days in total for the healing process. READ COMMENT

Oh wow!! I'm so sorry your experience was traumatic! I actually did end up getting Belotero and Juvederm from Dr. Chiu-Collins in San Francisco and I am so pleased with the results, but I do understand the risks involved. I really... READ COMMENT

@Rachelpug, I have an appointment set up with Dr. Goldman to have this procedure done in under two weeks. I'm actually flying down there to see him because I was very particular about them having proof of working with this laser and... READ COMMENT

Almost immediately! She didn't even have to numb the area because the needle was so small, I am so thrilled.. and I know it sounds strange because I obviously received the fillers to improve my appearance but it feels really nice to... READ COMMENT