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Coolsculpting Tummy...ouch - Newport Beach, CA

At 47, I am not really overweight, I am 5'8" and weigh 133. (I could benefit from losing about 8 pounds I think). But I've gotten soft and pudgy around the abdomen, love handles and some back fat. I decided to try coolsculpting in Newport Beach, Ca with a plan to do the abdomen (large applicator $600) and each love handle ($400 each) all in one day. I have a very high tolerance for pain. ... READ MORE

Crescent Lift and Silicone Implants Boosted Post Baby Boobs (With Photos of Stitches)

I was told I didn't need a lift if I did large enough implants, but I did NOT want large breasts, just firm and back up where they once were before breast feeding. So I opted for a crescent lift which is a crescent shape of skin removed above the areola and 325cc silicone. Result was pretty good, although they are wide set and one droops a little still.I can tell you there is a big difference... READ MORE

Chin Lipo but Concerned About Compression Garment

I had lipo to chin and jowels 6 days ago. I see some results, but not what I'd hoped, although my doctor did not promise fantastic results...just "some" improvement.I also had Active FX at the same time, hoping this would help with tightening over time. Still waiting for skin to finish peeling, but peeled areas look great! (Cost I mentioned was for lipo and Active FX.)Is it... READ MORE

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Thanks for posting over an entire year! It's interesting how we all can't wait for the swelling to go down, then when it does it's kind of a let down. I had some fillers (restylane silk for "lipstick lines" and a little juvederm (next... READ COMMENT

Thanks for the great pics of your progress. I just read a bunch of facelift horror stories on here, and now I'm kind of freaked out. I know those experiences are more rare than good outcomes (since 95% say "worth it") so I am curious... READ COMMENT

Hi Rhondadancer, So how many treatments total are you doing and to what areas? I believe it is a bit more expensive overall. I wish they made the vanquish device larger...seriously I'd have it from under my breastline to my lower... READ COMMENT

Since it has been a month or so for you, you probably already feel much better. I know I do. I wore a compression garment (like spanx) for about a week or so. I had pain from the inside out, itching, numbness, but 4 weeks later it is... READ COMMENT

I am going to do vanquish I think. I spoke to them about transferring the rest of my payment to vanquish instead, since I prepaid for the 2 love handles. But they said to wait for 2 months for all results from coolsculpting first. READ COMMENT