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Severe lip swelling after restylane and I'm back to work Tuesday. Please help! What can I do to minimise the swelling? (Photo)

Hi, I had restylyn 1ml lip fillers yesterday at 16.00. My lips were OK when I left the surgeons office but a few hours later have severely swollen. I'm taking arnica and eating... READ MORE

Swelling above lip area after restylane. Will it resolve, and is it normal? (Photo)

Thanks very much for answering my question I've taken all the advice offered. Its now 3days later and I think the swelling of the lips have gone down quite a bit . however I'm... READ MORE

Is my top lip duck like or am I just worrying? (Photo)

Hi, I had 1ml of restylane in my lips two weeks ago and I think I have a duck lip. I liked the results just after I had it done, the bottom lip was a lot fuller than the top... READ MORE

Is my nose big? (photos)

Hi, I'm 26 female. I have body dysmorphia and I hate most of my features. I've had lip fillers now considering having my nose done. I just wondering by the photos if my nose is... READ MORE

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are my lips really small?

Hi, I'm going for a consultation this Saturday for juverderm on my lips. I really don't want it done because my skin has always been extremely sensitive but I hate my lips so... READ MORE

I had Restylane yesterday would you say the top and bottom lip are proportional? (Photo)

Also since the photos were taken my upper lip has swelled up quite badly and I look like a duck is that Normal? I only had 1ml top and bottom.Thank you. READ MORE

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Thanks for your reply! Thank you i hate them I just think they are very small for my face. I especially hate my top lip! I'm a bit scared to risk having a reaction, so i cancelled my appointment. READ COMMENT