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Breast Implants Results - Concerned About Uneven Nipples - California

After two and an half weeks for breast implant I see that my nipples are uneven. Today my surgeon tolm me to wait and that it is not a big deal. It is for me. I am really concerned. My surgeon told me yesterday to wear the elastic band agai, at night to help pushing down my left brest. It is that correct? I posted some pictures of my breast augmentation (performed on July... READ MORE

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Breast Implants Pulling 5 Weeks After Revision

I had to have a revision surgery at 11 months because my right side pulled drammaticaly and nipples were uneven. The PS cut scar tissue from both breasts and moved a little... READ MORE

What is the Remedy for Scars After Breast Augmentation?

What can be done to treat hypertrophic or keloide scars in the aureolas caused by a breast augmentation surgery? READ MORE

Can I have mine removed and a new tear drop perhaps smaller implants and finally look at my breast happy?

I had my breast aug. done July 2009, in 2010 a revise surgery to correct some problems. Nothings good happened. in 2014 I had fat graft to try helping my pulling scars. I would... READ MORE

What are the risk of revising an existing "wrong" breast augmentation putting new implants over the muscle? (photos)

I was recommended a revision of my breast and implants put from under to over the muscle. Why? Because implants move too much when I flex my pec muscles (referred to as... READ MORE

2 months post breast revision: Why is my body still producing a large amount of fluids on a daily basis? (photos)

On 2/20/17 I had breast revision to correct marionette motions and possible capsuleptomy Procedure had to be redone 3/16 right breast 3 weeks since the second revision still... READ MORE

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This July it would be three years after my surgery. I am still looking for a solution o my bad result. READ COMMENT

More than 10 months after getting breast augmentation (silicone implants were placed under the muscle), I have noticeable scar tissue and with ordinary movements of my arms tissue “pulls” and enhances appearance of scars – See attac... READ COMMENT

Had my surgery last July 2009. I am having the same problems and I will go under surgery in two weeks to repair scar tissue and to have my nipples more even. I also will get a 25cc more on my smaller breast. Unfortunately everything... READ COMMENT

It is the same situation I have. Two different levels and now I also have scar tissue harder in my right breast (already lower) so I can see it much more. I feel you. READ COMMENT

Thank you for your opinion Doctor Moelleken. Yes, I was uneven before the surgery. You can see my "before" pictures. However the surgeon told me that he was going to do his best to correct the unevenness. I would appreciate a honest... READ COMMENT