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Well after 13 years of on/off wanting them I'm finally in a place in my life where I can make it happen. The best boob job I ever saw was 10 years ago and I'm going to the same doctor. I've done heaps of research on the good and the bad. Interviewed a old friend who had them 13 years and u tubed ops I wanted to say I'm a bra size A-B and hoping big C small D. I'm getting 350cc silicone gel... READ MORE

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Implant and then endometriosis operation?

May seem like a silly q. Having BA tomorrow and then op this year for potential endometriosis. Will the gas that they use to put air in the body harm in any way the implant? If... READ MORE

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Hey there. I would definitely go with what Greg says he knows his stuff. Just get the biggest he thinks you'd suit. I got 350 and def don't want bigger. I've put on weight since I've got them done so they are currently DD and I'm a size... READ COMMENT

I find the wire to be a bit harsh but will just ease into I'm in no rush. Your pic looks awesome if like it get some in my new bras too soon. I thought after spending $12,500 I refuse to get Bras with padding lol so mine are all without... READ COMMENT

Everything your experiencing I went through too. Once I got to the private hospital it all felt so right and never looked back. They are an awesome team there you will be pleased I think. I'm 35 too! I think your boobs will look even... READ COMMENT

Hey thanks heaps yep I'm so happy with them. Not long for you now. All the best hope it makes you as happy as it did me x READ COMMENT