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My drooping fluctuates. What can surgeons can do to minimize over or under correction? (photo)

Hooded brows corrected w/ blepheroplasty? My drooping fluctuates. I literally hold my eyes open sometimes so i dont look funny. Tested for myasthenia & thyroid - negative.... READ MORE

I would Like to improve my side profile - have considered a nose Job And Not sure how/if it can be corrected? (photo)

My eyes turn upward, I have a large nose, and high set ears. I tend to look down and im not sure if that is an anatomical issue or just a bad habit or what. Gods cruel joke to... READ MORE

What's the best option for my resting face? Cheek augmentation, rhinoplasty, lift lower eyelids and improve shape? Lips? (Photo)

I work in customerservice. Always told I look stoic/tired/weird. always told to smile/people assume something is wrong. My face is a bit asymmetric. I think some sort cheek... READ MORE

Is there something that can be done to prevent squinting without affecting the ability to close the eye?

I have an involuntary habit of squinting without realizing. I have a slight ptosis in one eye but sometimes it looks like I have a more severe ptosis in both eyes. Upon closer... READ MORE

Don't like my eyes, receive negative attention. Can I change the shape? Want the corners up at rest mimicking a smile (Photo)

I have slight ptosis, outer corners turned down. When I'm tired or drink alcohol, I blink a lot & they droop to me they're weak. Saw a neuro-opthamologist and he said no MG. My... READ MORE