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Lift with Giampapa Method - Cherry Hill, NJ

A small incision under the chin and lipo .the length of my ears incisions behind the ears. I didn't have jowls when I went for the procedure and I do now. The skin is pulled back without bringing it up to give a contour to the face. Also numbness on my left side and a band running under my chin to my ear. I alsoHave a deep burning on my left side. I didn't have a drain and said the next day... READ MORE

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Lips filled with fat 7 days ago?

Will I be able to have a natural smile with my teeth showing again? Also the corners of my mouth are turned down. I had botox the day after to aviod this from happening but it... READ MORE

I have numbness under my chin and a deep burning on my left side, is this normal?

I had a neck lift with lipo under my chin. The stitches were behind my ears and the incision under my chin was about 1 1/2" long. I had this done on Dec. 3rd. I am still having... READ MORE

Neck lift w/ lipo. I am having burning pains on my left side and behind my right ear?

I had a neck lift with lipo. Under chin a small incision and the other incisions run behind my ears. It isn't a tightness it's a burning sensation . I also am numb where the... READ MORE

I have a rope like bump on my left side after Neck Lift?

I also have a rope like bump on my left side. I never had a drain even though the day after surgery I went to the doctors complaining of the fullness. The nurse asked if I felt... READ MORE

I am 2 months post surgery and I have a gland that is enlarged on my left side. Should I be concerned?

I have felt this from the very beginning of my recovery. At first I thought it needed draining but my doctor didn't agree. Now she wants to give me a steroid shot and I didn't... READ MORE

Neck lift with lipo - Pulling and lump, 6 months post-op (photo)

I am 6 months post op from having a neck lift with lipo. My left side has been giving me issues from the very beginning of my recovery. There is no pain but a pulling from... READ MORE

Neck lift. Should I get another opinion? Swelling and pulling, 6 months post op (Photo)

I am 6 months post op from having a neck lift with lipo. The left side of my neck has been a problem since the start of my recovery. It was and continues to have swelling and... READ MORE

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I am getting a second opinion after the new year. Thankyou READ COMMENT

I have my surgery documents and all the before pictures. I will seek out another doctor after the new year. I will be one year post op. READ COMMENT

Thank you. I will. READ COMMENT

Thank you for your post. I wish I had not gone through with the neck lift but I will look to have a revision done and hopefully the doctor I choose next time will have the skill to help me. I know I will be extremely careful with my... READ COMMENT

The left side of my neck is pulling downward. I am now 6 months post surgery. I am going to wait until August then go get another opinion on what I can do now. READ COMMENT