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surgery is over. 600cc HP under

I made a consultation with Dr Brantley recently. He has preformed breast augmentations on transgender patients before which is what I was in search for. His staff was very nice and helpful on the phone and my consult is next week on the 20th! I do plan on setting up my surgery date then (about a month from the consult). Im right at 5'11. I plan on going with 600 or 650cc silicone gel implants,... READ MORE

Questions from TSparis91

I'm a good Acup now.I plan on going with with 650 or 700cc silicone cohesive gel implants? (photo)

Is this a good size for my height? I'm transgender and a Acup now. I'm 5"11 in height. I plan on going under the muscle. READ MORE

With my size, what would be better; over or under the muscle? (photo)

I'm 5'10', I'm a transgender female. I posted a question recently on sizes. I plan on going with rounded silicone, moderate profile. 650 cc that's the size I want and no... READ MORE

In search of a surgeon close to Mississippi? (Transgender MtF)

Hey guys, iv posted before and posted some pictures of my breast. Im in search of a plastic surgeon close to my are which is Mississippi. Im 5'11 and iv been on hormones 3... READ MORE

What looks best on transgender females, high profile or moderate profile implants? (photo)

Iv been doing tons of research. Meet with my PS Thursday to set surgery date up and go through exactly what I want. Im 5,11 I plan on going with either 600cc or 65cc's Silicone... READ MORE

Can a doctor thats board certified that's never performed a brow bone reduction do it?

Recently had a breast augmentation and LOVE my results. Doctor that did them is board certified and has performed over 25,000 procedures here in Mississippi but I'm the first... READ MORE

High implants and low nipple pocket revision under local? (Photo)

Okay well I had a breast augmentation 10 months ago. 600cc high profile implants (under). unfortunately my implants didn't drop fully so iv decided to have surgery. Doctor said... READ MORE

Recent comments from TSparis91

Thank you! Make sure to follow all instructions that the doctors tell you. No wearing bras to early...etc. that's what happened to me the first time lol and my implants didn't drop completely. Revision was easy and fixed everything... READ COMMENT

I will in the next couple of days. Gonna give them time to settle more. READ COMMENT

Well thank you. I'm in absolutely love with them lol I wasn't expecting them to look so good right outta surgery. The biggest thing I noticed was how soft they was. When he released my scar tiissue my implants expanded like they was... READ COMMENT

Truthfully I think it's because I went from being so small to so big plus, truthfully I didn't massage as much as I needed too. Your doctor suggest not to massage? That's crazy iv never heard or that. He was gonna go in under local but... READ COMMENT