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That would be great ;) Keep me updated too! READ COMMENT

Aww that sounds awful :( I think somewhere in between would be awesome. Mine is pulled so tight that it's made my urethra point straight forward, so I have to hug my knees every time I go to the bathroom or it goes forward between the... READ COMMENT

I have the opposite problem. My PS highly recommended 'thinning and lifting' the mons pubis during surgery, or else I would have a puffy mound after I was healed that would look like a scrotum (yikes). So now it's pulled so tight that I... READ COMMENT

8 days post-op. My surgeon didnt tell me I had to abstain so I figured it was common sense. I didn't have muscle repair so my only issue at this point is some minor pain and of course the swelling. My arms are much more of a hinderance,... READ COMMENT

I came out with a binder that I'm still wearing 8days post-op. I had it off for over an hour yesterday so I could wash it, and was relieved to get it back on. I'm hoping I can 'graduate' into something that wont keep sliding up my torso... READ COMMENT