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SmartXide Deka Laser Resurface Done by MD - Broomfield, CO

Well... today was the day. I have been home just a few hours. I am still loopy from meds and plan to keep taking them. I had 1mg of xanax, 100mg of tramadol and a steriod Medpro pack before the procedure began. They numbed my face twice with topical anesthetic lotion. The procedure did hurt. I stayed as still as a board.... the medical assistant said ppst procedure she actually checked... READ MORE

Bye Bye Frowny Forehead! - Broomfield, CO

The line between my brows (my " 11's") made me look mad even when I wasn't. Botox made a massive change in just two days. The smoothness of my brow is beautiful. I had my first boyox ob 5/2. I just went back for more on 12/3. I was overdue but the lines nwver came back to the full extent they were before treatment 1. READ MORE

Questions from FaithsFace

Is DOT fractional laser resurfacing a good option? (photo)

I am scared. I see stories from unhappy faces. Boo. I have an appointment for fractional laser resurfacing for Tuesday morning. Some people feel worse off than before the... READ MORE

Is there a benefit to doing a breast reduction and an arm lift at separate times?

I plan to have both a reduction and an arm lift. It is my understanding now that these procedures can be done the same day. Is there a benefit to doing them at different times?... READ MORE

Regarding travel post op - is it safe? Blood clot risks? Considering travel for a procedure.

If the surgeon who is considered "best" for a particular procedure is out of state is s/he still best? If o travel to Arizona from Colorado and stay two weeks to have a... READ MORE

If there were a competition with a big old trophy and glory for best results which way would you do these procedures?

If you had one year to give a woman a mommy makeover including a breast reduction, arm lift, lipping of thighs, and tummy tuck how would you execute the order of operations?... READ MORE

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My first Mirena was a dream come true. Now the second one had to go. I had it for about a year and YES even post laser I have had melasma type hyper pigmentation returning at a fast rate. The melasma isn't a direct result of the... READ COMMENT

I am in Colorado and planning on a breast reduction and an arm lift. Keep us posted with your experience. I am especially interested in hearing about your arm recovery and what you end up thinking of the doctor. I am still getting... READ COMMENT

I think it's better...I am using obagi and I do still see the roughness but it's not as pronounced. I am happy with the way the treatment worked on my pigmentation..but even with a 50 spf obagi sunscreen and hydroquinone 4% I am... READ COMMENT

Nope. The aquaphor sure did. The emu oil has been great. I dp have some milia now...not a great thing. I haven't had much in acne since I healed. I do still have redness and it has been about 3 months. READ COMMENT

I am so happy to hear that your results were so positive with the TCA. I do think that would be great for me when this is all done. I will see my doctor tomorrow and post the pics his office takes. READ COMMENT