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Hi, did you get any luck from this question? I have the same problem, I had a beautiful innie belly button,and now although not outie it is flat on tummy with raised scar all around, why did he do that?? I m sure you can have a op... READ COMMENT

Hi, bugiune, yes it is the remenants of the fluid, its not serious just not perfect, it will dissolve into the body over a few months I am told. had flanks done now, they are sore and very swollen so any affects of the tummy are not... READ COMMENT

Hi melissa, I am now in week 3 of ab vaser and my tummy is up and down like a yo yo, one min I think yeh, its worked and then it looks pregnanat again. I went back for 2 weeks check and he scanned me and I have fluid pockets on lower... READ COMMENT

This is day 8 of my vaser lipo and the last couple of days have actually been moore painful and the area is really swollen, I hope it is the swelling that is making it look as big as pre op, I had upper and lower abdomen. I had very... READ COMMENT

You day you got a waist? I had my tummy done but it has no difference m,ade to my waist? I wnat to have my back did that go for you? READ COMMENT