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What kind of treatment will permanently get rid of 'pebbly' or cobblestone chin?

I'm still in my late teens but I've noticed that I have what people call a cobblestone chin. Coupled with a few clogged pores in that area makes it look even worse. I've heard... READ MORE

Small dent on my forehead? (photo)

Only a few years back I started to notice this small dent that appears on my forehead. Which is likely caused by an injury during childhood. It looks as if that part of my... READ MORE

Can Laser Resurfacing help with lines on nose?

I have these small lines on my nose (they are both vertical and horizonal). I'm worried that these things may make me look older than my age. I don't want Botox injections, so... READ MORE

Paranasal Augmentation; Does anyone offer the Gore-Tex procedure?

According to the description on Seoul Touchup, it helps to even out lines and plump up the area around the nose by using Gore-Tex. I was wondering if most surgeons offer this... READ MORE

Will non-surgical rhinoplasty stretch the corners of my eyes?

I have small round eyes that looks a bit far apart from each other. I have plans on using non-surgical rhinoplasty to raise my very low bridge and was wondering if this... READ MORE