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Tazorac: Great for Melasma, Lines, Pores, and Blemishes - San Francisco, CA

This medication is VERY expensive, but a little goes a long way. My stubborn melasma disappears with this product with consistent use. It reduces lines, and makes my skin super smooth, smoothing lines, pores, and removing rough skin. Cons- -EXPENSIVE -Can make skin very shiny -Can irritate skin and redden- create a schedule that your skin can tolerate, and take a break if you need to heal... READ MORE

Hair Transplant at 37 for Receded Hairline and Density

I started slowly losing hair after 18 and by 28 I could see my scalp showing through my once rockstar hair. I started taking Propecia, which halted most of the hairline recession and my density improved. Still I was unhappy with my hair density, and very unhappy with my "new" hairline, especially when I saw side photographs which I could not have seen in the mirror. I don't mind aging... READ MORE

Pixel Laser- Painful, Ugly Recovery, Questionable Results - San Jose, CA

I had a session of Pixel several years ago and would not recommend. It was supposed to improve my skin's texture and clarity as well as remove lines. I don't think I had any real results, although my melasma did seem to begin not long after the procedure. I was beet red for a number of days and then had obvious scabbing in several places all over my face, nose, forehead, corners of the eyes.... READ MORE

Another PRK Success! - Daly City, CA

Having worn eyeglasses for nearsightedness since I was 15, at 32 I was needing them just to read a book on the table! I was very afraid of lasik, as the flap may create weak spots in the cornea, and I'm a person that has itchy eyes and in constant need of wiping. The doctor did all kinds of tests and determined PRK was more appropriate as I had astigmatism as well as thick and thin areas of... READ MORE

Undereye Juvederm for Tear Trophs and Hollowing - San Francisco, CA

Two years later it still looks good. I've always had dark undereye circles. (Fair skin, thin under the eyes with blue). Then they got even worse with age with facial fat loss, the eyes started hollowing out... NOTICEABLY! I had 1 syringe (very conservative) split between the two undereye areas. It has lidocaine or similar, so it was painless, but a little scary to have a needle right under the... READ MORE

Great for Rosacea, Minimal Results for Melasma or Brown Spots - San Jose, CA

I had 3 rounds of IPL for rosacea when I was 30. The results were amazing. I have always been ruddy faced with sensitive skin when exercising, overheated, or embarrassed. This made a HUGE difference. Broken capillaries do come back with sun exposure, but the overall effect is very much in tact. I had it redone later for melasma, results were minimal and only lasted until the next vacation in... READ MORE

Easy and Effective - San Francisco, CA

When I turned Thirty, I looked in the mirror and decided to do something simple: Botox. I've been doing it ever since, about once per 6 months for my forehead (deep lines when brows raised) and crows feet. All of which have become deep resting lines, despite sunscreen and good skin care. Find a good injector and you're set, my lines are about 90% decreased after 2 weeks and it really does last... READ MORE

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Yes, FUT (strip method), not FUE (individual unit extractions). READ COMMENT

Finding a good injector may often be a case of trial and error. Ask friends, check Yelp!, Angie's List, etc, to see what is recommended. You can also try Groupon specials, which means you at least get to try the doctor/nurse at a... READ COMMENT

Thanks Stayhopeful, I think things are almost turning around as I approach 6 months, I've begun to see some new hair growth at the hairline. Best to you in your restorative procedures, and to getting back on the bike and track, even if... READ COMMENT

If you have a good injector, you may not need any kind of surgery for many years, if at all. Find a good injector, the risks are minimal, results very effective, and worth the money. Botox in my area is becoming less expensive, with... READ COMMENT

Hi Mark, Thank you for your comments. I'm glad to hear that you have held on to your hair with minimal loss, be grateful! My hairline has always been a little high, but not disproportionate to my long face, however the recession at... READ COMMENT