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Silicone Subglandular Revision for Capsular Contraction with Subglandular Mentor MemoryGel Smooth Round Silicone - Marietta, GA

I have a problem you may be able to help me with. I am 62 and I had the Dow 185cc smooth round silicone at 30 years old and the Replicon 385cc silicone/poly covered at 40 years old until 12/19/2013. I do not know my profile. I have to replace them due to capsular contraction. I am 5"5" 145-150lbs, subglandular, no children, and have Replicon 385cc round silicone/poly covered. The problem is I... READ MORE

Questions from kiwi6

Replicon 385cc revision with Mentor 400cc profile?

What were the dimensions be for a Replicon 385cc (circa 1991)? I am having a revision with Mentor 400cc and I would like to have a similar profile replacement. READ MORE

Mentor MemoryGel vs old gel natural profile/feel? What Mentor profile will age/sag best? Not look like baseball in bag in 10yrs.

62 yrs,5'5",145 lbs,never pregnant,had flat chest. Now size 6-8 bottom,10-12 top. Never up/down weight. Slow weight gain was natural filler. Don't were bras,breasts overlap... READ MORE

Mentor profile / size choice, surgery on 12/19 need 2nd opinion? (photo)

62yo,5'5",145lbs,never pregnant, flat chested, no bras post-surg. Group photo 1991 capsule revision Replicon poly/gel round 385cc. OtherPics12/2013 pre-op for capsule new... READ MORE

Mentor High vs Moderate Plus Smooth Round Gel Subglandular? (photo)

Capsular Contraction Revision 1991 Replicon Gel/Poly MUST ORDER 12/16. 62yo,5'5",145-150lb,subgland,never preg,34"under breasts,40"breasts,385cc Replicon, REPLACEMENT Mentor... READ MORE

Do implants have to be replaced just because they are old?

Have Replicon 22 years. Do they need to be replaced just because they are old? READ MORE

Silicone lip injection

I had medical silicone lip injections by a plastic surgeon here in the US in my upper lip 22 years ago. My upper and lower lip look the same size now. Is it possible the... READ MORE

Why do some patients have to wear a compression strap above the breasts? Braless timeframe?

Why do some patients have to wear a compression strap above the breasts? How long after surgery can someone usually go braless? READ MORE

Capsular contracture revision expectations? (Photo)

5’5”, 150 lbs, 38”ribcage, 63yrs old, no preg. 1979- FIRST IMPLANTS Dow silicone 185cc Sub-gland 1990 REVISION #1 Grade IV Bi-lateral,Left shell gone,silicone held by capsu... READ MORE

Does wearing a bra increase my chance of capsular contracture of sub-glandular revision with silicone smooth round 400cc? (photo

5'5", 150 lbs, 63 yr, no preg, no yo-yo dieting or major weight loss. Original implants 1979. Braless since late '80s. 2 revisions / sub-glandular capsular contracture 1990 &... READ MORE

Discussions started by kiwi6

Mentor Memory Gel high or mod plus profile above the muscle revision

 I'm having surgery on Thursday 12/19/13 for revision due to capsular contraction. Still haven't ordered implants because I am so confused. GOT TO ORDER ON... READ MORE

Did anyone buy their own surgical bra or implants before the surgery?

My Dr. wrote me a prescription  to get my implants Directly from Mentor for $1,628 and have them shipped to him. The hospital invoiced me for  $4,074 for... READ MORE

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You look very pretty either way. I had a full face and brow lift, lower lids and fat pads removed, and buccal fat removed when I was 40. I am 65. As time rearranges my features, I wonder if I had left the buccal fat if my jowels would... READ COMMENT

I am 65 years old and on my third pair of silicone over the muscle. I live in the US and under the muscle seems to be the standard now. My story is under KIWI6. It will be more than a year before you see your final result. They will... READ COMMENT

It's 32 years difference. I use to be in good shape, very little body fat, larger pectoral muscles, and 30 lbs lighter. My proportions have changed and I have more fat tissue surrounding the implant making them less pronounced. My body... READ COMMENT

It is for depression. When Obamacare started Jan 1st, I lost my good health insurance. The premium went from $550/mo to $890/mo for about half the coverage and my medicine went from $27/mo to $1,300/mo. I contacted the manufacturer and... READ COMMENT