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No more bump-Washington, D.C.

I've been self conscious about a bump on the bridge of my nose ever since my high school years. It's not really something I've been teased badly for, I've gotten a few comments on it here and there that were uncalled for but it never particularly hurt my feelings. It merely proved that I wasn't being overly critical or seeing something that wasn't there. This is something I'm doing for... READ MORE

Questions from Snowpea91

Options to lessen a 7mm lip incompetency? (photo)

I have a 7 mm lip incompetency that makes it very hard to keep my lips closed when I am eating. Are there any options to help make the gap smaller? READ MORE

Will a chin implant worsen lip incompetency? (photo)

I have a slightly recessed chin and was interested in getting an implant. Would this make my lip incompetency worse? Would a sliding genioplasty be a better option? READ MORE

How do you prevent calluses after rhinoplasty?

I understand that scar tissue is inevitable but is there a way to minimize or prevent calluses from forming after dorsal hump reduction and osteotomy? READ MORE

Is it possible to reduce lower facial height with dental appliances?

I have excessive lower facial height, lip incompetence and mentalis strain as well as a receded chin on profile view. Is it possible to intrude my (possibly) over erupted... READ MORE

Submentsl vertical reduction alter lower lip position? (photos)

I am interested in having a vertical chin reduction through the submental approach. Would this alter the lower lip position? I have a mild mentalis strain and would like to... READ MORE

Am I a good candidate for genioplasty? (photo)

I am self conscious of my receding profile and long lower half of my face. My chin is rotated down and back and this also results in a mild mentalis strain. Am I a good... READ MORE

Looking for doc with experience using invisalign & TADS to intrude molars to improve lip incompetence & convex profile? (Photo)

Im looking for an ortho who has experience using invisalign possibly with TADS if necessary to intrude molars to allow for counterclockwise rotation of the mandible to improve... READ MORE

Recent comments from Snowpea91

Yeah I had burst vessels from the bones being broken but my surgeon thinks the pain was from the harsh cleanser they use to disinfect the face before surgery, soap could've possibly leaked into the tear ducts. I'm just so glad that went... READ COMMENT

I'm glad your surgery went smoothly! Good luck and happy recovery :) READ COMMENT

Thank you! And yes, it almost looked like nothing happened to me at all! I asked my surgeon and he just said that it has to do with his technique. I had closed rhinoplasty, that's all I know lol. But I'm not complaining! The only thing... READ COMMENT

It looks so good! I don't see my surgeon for 6 weeks as well. Hopefully we'll see some positive changes by then. I'm hoping my bridge will go down a tad... :) READ COMMENT

Don't thin it out, it's already very thin and won't look natural. GREAT choice of surgeon, you should trust his judgement. You are in great hands. I look forward o following your journey! READ COMMENT