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Cheek and jaw implants?

If I get cheek and jaw implants, can i touch and handle my face often like i had no implants? What if I fall on my face? what if i fall often? what if i get into boxing? will... READ MORE

How do jaw implants stay in place?

I want to get jaw implants, but i am afraid they will move around. How are they secured in? How do they no move? Can you rest your jaws on the palm of your hands? I often do. READ MORE

How safe are lip lifts?

I simply want to make the length between my nose and mouth shorter, that is it. I do not want bigger lips. How long has this technique existed? How safe is it? Are there any... READ MORE

How natural do jaw and chin implants feel?

Do they feel like your bones? Can you tell it's there when you rub against it? Or do they feel seamless and part of your skull? Like for example when someone caresses your face... READ MORE

Is it possible to reshape your lips but not make them bigger?

I feel my lips are too squared. I've never heard of a procedure that can actually change the shape of your lips, but if there is, how does it work? I'd like to make them round,... READ MORE

Is there a difference between jaw implants and mandibular angle implants? Why does this doctor recommend not getting it done?

"Not a big fan of this procedure. I usually try and talk patients out of this because personally I feel the benefit/risk profile is weighted too much to the risk side. Lots of... READ MORE

How comfortable are jaw implants? How safe are they? How long have they existed?

Have there been any studies and follow-ups with people who have had them for several years? thanks. READ MORE

Can a simple lip lift make my face seem less "long"?

I feel as if my face is long and flat. The gap between my lips and nose is kind of long. Can a simple lip lift do wonders for my face? thanks. READ MORE

I want a lip lift, but do not want more teeth to show and I do not want my lips to be more pronounced. Is this possible?

I simply want the lift to elevate my whole lip by 5mm. The distance between my nose and lips is 20mm. I want it to be at least 15mm. Is that possible? READ MORE

How long until 3D printed real bones are used for cosmetic purposes?

I've asked around and have been told we are "years" away from that. Nonetheless, I can't imagine it being more than 10 years. Considering how fast technology evolves and that... READ MORE

How safe are fascia implants to the lips?

If they are safe and effective, why aren't more people getting it done as opposed to getting fillers. You see so many people, including celebrities who have the money to get... READ MORE

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Will you be posting before and after pics? thanks. did you have just skin removed? READ COMMENT

Did the shape of your nostrils change? thanks READ COMMENT

Did the shape of your nostrils change? READ COMMENT

Did your nostrils change? thanks. READ COMMENT

Did the shape of your nostrils change? thanks READ COMMENT