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Front teeth flare out/protrude after getting my braces off? (photo)

I just got my braces off and my front teeth seem to slant out. Is this normal? Am I overreacting? Can this be fixed with my retainer or maybe invisaign (don't want to go back... READ MORE

Will "shaving" teeth help with my flaring? (photo)

I recently got off braces and was disappointed to see my front teeth flare out. I talked to my ortho and he said that I could file down each tooth slightly to create some room... READ MORE

Do I need to correct my overjet/overbite? I just recently removed my Braces (photos)

I recently got done with braces and the result is shown in the pictures. I also just had an implant placed for a missing lateral (you can see the small temporary crown). I just... READ MORE

Does my overjet/overbite need correcting? (photo)

I just got out of braces. Does this bite/mouth profile look normal? I have about a 3 mm overjet and a 50% overbite. The small lateral incisor is a temporary implant crown (had... READ MORE

Can I Correct a Class 2 bite with an implant already placed? (Photos)

I had braces a while ago and ended with an overjet and overbite. I was not completely satisfied, however my entire family and orthodontist said it looked fine. As a result, I... READ MORE