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Can't Wait to Be Small Again After 14 Years! - Albany, NY

My implants are saline, under the muscle... done in 2000 during a rough time in my life. I was just going through a divorce and was so afraid to face the dating world again 'flat-chested'. I was always on the fence about it after that. I enjoyed looking more feminine in clothes, but part of me dreaded the idea of something fake being in my body like that. Flash forward 14 years... Still... READ MORE

Questions from rays1

How long can I keep deflated saline implant in place?

I'm considering either removing my saline implants or just downsizing. I'd like to have the implants deflated first to get a sense of what they would look like before I make a... READ MORE

Breast augmentation revision: go smaller or remove altogether? (photo)

I've attached a number of pictures to show someone similar to what I looked like before surgery... me after BA (saline, subpectoral, in place since 2000. I'm currently 49) and... READ MORE

Is it possible to remove saline under local anesthetic through my original axillary incision?

My saline implants have been in place since 2000. My thought is to have them removed, then do a wait and see approach. Is it possible to remove saline under local anesthetic... READ MORE

Does duration of implant deflation, affect where they can be removed?

I'm scheduled to have my saline implants deflated prior to the being removed, with the idea being to observe whether I need a lift. I'd like to have them removed through the... READ MORE

Multiple procedures on face/neck on same day. Any suggestions?

I was hoping to get CO2 laser resurfacing around my eyes, along with Ultherapy on my neck during the same visit. Maybe some fillers/Botox as well. Can all of this be done on... READ MORE

Best treatment for wrinkles and laxity on neck and chest? (Photo)

I would like to improve the tone of my neck and remove wrinkles due to sun damage on my chest. I have had IPL, and that improved the blotchiness. I have heard that Ultherapy... READ MORE

Recent comments from rays1

I'm sorry you had such a negative outcome. It's truly a cautionary tale to everyone to do TONS of research and talk to many different people before doing any procedures. I had Ultherapy done on my forehead about a year ago, then did... READ COMMENT

I found the pictures from the day of my surgery, and just posted so you can see what they looked like that first day. It did look pretty sad originally, and I was scared... but determined to let things settle... and so glad I did! READ COMMENT

Yes, I initially had alot of loose skin. I had some swelling, and she had to insert a tube on one side when the swelling wouldn't go down. She was patient, and so was I. I bound my chest for weeks... even after the tube was removed. ... READ COMMENT

It is scary at first... I had some swelling and needed a drain for one side. It IS a relief... yes, self-love... to feel that healthy, natural breast tissue after all these years. Such a blessing. READ COMMENT

I think it's important for people to have faith in their bodies... My doctor was the only one who didn't try to convince me to get a surgical lift immediately. Love that woman... READ COMMENT