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Restylane for nose dent and volume after revision rhinoplasty?

I had multiple revisions because first left me with too small nose. Now I have rib cartilage in my nose, last surg. was 2 months ago, but I still need volume in some parts, and... READ MORE

I had another nose aug and my nose is still too small! Am I in risk of tissue death if I have another surgery in the future?

I had at least 6 revisions to restore volume of my nose after primary surg. left me with too small nose. I have rib cartilage in my nose now, but it is still too small. In the... READ MORE

Best revision rhinoplasty surgeon in Europe?

Do you know some skilled revision rhinoplasty surgeon who can perform me surgery with cartilage grafts in closed approach in Europe? I had multiple revisions and my nose is too... READ MORE

Purple nose and bad blood supply after revision rhinoplasty. Will any cream, vitamins, lasers help?

How can I improve blood supply to my nose after revision rhinoplasty (open approach). Any cream, vitamins, lasers? READ MORE

Can I use Restylane after multiple Revision Rhinoplasty? (photo)

I had multiple revisions including goretex and polyethylene placement and removement. My nose was left too small and short after primary, now I have only small amount of rib... READ MORE

After multiple revision surgeries will I be able to have another one? (photos)

I had revisions including goretex and polyethylene placement and removement. I tried to restore size after primary left me with too small and short nose. My implants started to... READ MORE

Is Injectable Rhinoplasty using Diced Cartilage a common method?

I'm reading an article and saw pictures about it. As my nose had multiple revisions, I have to be really careful if have another surgery so I was thinking about this in future,... READ MORE

Can a "vampire" plasma ( Platelet Rich Plasma) add volume to my nose?

I would like to add volume on some parts of my nose. I have had multiple revisions an my color is not great. How safe is this? Anyone tried? Is it better than restylane and... READ MORE

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) vampire rejuvenation method vs fillers for nose?

I had multiple revisions and my nose circulation is not great. Although restylane is good for asymmetry on bridge, my tip is without cartilage, there is so much space in it. I... READ MORE

Face rejuvenation - Platelet rich plasma to improve blood supply?

Is it possible to improve blood supply with PRP on my nose that has many surgeries? My nose is purple, skin condition is not great due to low blood supply and this last... READ MORE

Can I have revision rhinoplasty on discolored nose?

Is it possible to have another revision on nose that is reddish- purple, it is worst when it's colder? I have bad blood supply, I had implants that started to extrude, they are... READ MORE

Best revision specialist for big nose augmentation?

Can you advice me some of the best skilled revision rhinoplasty specialist on the word who uses rib + fascia grafts for nose with thin skin, which is after multiple revisions... READ MORE

Is this possible to achieve this result with closed approach? (Photo)

I need more tip projection and spreader grafts. Also fascia to cover irregularities. From the profile it looks similar to this nose. Is it possible? And what kind of grafts I... READ MORE

Hyaluronidase before revision rhinoplasty; how much time to wait before revision surgery when I dissolve filler in nose?

How much time do I have to wait before revision surgery when I dissolve filler in my nose? Thank you! READ MORE

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Girl you look amazing!!! I love your nose!!! READ COMMENT

Looks great!!! How is your nose today? Did you had opened or closed approach? READ COMMENT

You look great!!! You're nose has so natural appearance! READ COMMENT

Beautiful results!!!! You look amazing!!! READ COMMENT