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Should I wait for filler to dissolve naturally or have it removed with Hyaluronidase? (photo)

I had my lips injected with juv 2 mos ago. My lips look great. He had to go higher on left upper lip bc my lips are assymetrical. Problem is that now the side with higher... READ MORE

Is it possible for juverderm in lips to inadvertently cause creasing in nasolabial folds?

I'm 2 mos post injection of 1.5 syringe juvederm in top and bottom lips. My Dr had to go higher with the injection on one side of upper lip to make my lips more symmetrical bc... READ MORE

Can juvederm in lips inadvertently cause smile lines around mouth? (photo)

I had 1.5 syringe juvederm in lips 2 mos ago. The lips look good however my Dr had to inject some above lip border on left side of top lip to create symmetry. I feel that the... READ MORE

Is it possible to reshape the bottom/underside area of the top lip? (Photo)

I had juvederm injected over 1 yr ago and it's pretty much all gone except for a little bit that's left. What I'm noticing is that the underside of my top lip looks deformed... READ MORE

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Which filler did you get in your nasolabial lines? Did he inject it right into the line or did he do it in the cheek to "lift" the line. I have a very light crease on one side of my mouth that I can only see in certain lighting and... READ COMMENT

I'm still unsure. I mean, I love the lips. I really had not intended to get anything more besides lips done so I'm hoping this new nasolabial crease will soften once the juvederm in my lips dissolves. If not, I may need to look into... READ COMMENT