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Deviated Septum,Dorsal Bump,snoring,collapsed Nostrals Trouble Breathing - Folsom, CA

I was literally gasping for air at times,and had been suffering for years with poor breathing.I had went to an ENT,two G P's and Dr.Shahriar Mabourakh MD FACS for consult.I felt that my best outcome-functional as well as aesthetic was to go to a skilled plastic surgeon-Dr.Shahriar Mabourakh.I was very nervous,as my surgery was open, also about breathing through my mouth until stents were... READ MORE

Third Time's the Charm-lift with Casular Removal New Mentor Gels - Folsom, CA

Dr Mabourakh did a beautiful job on my breast aug.I absolutely recommend him.His staff was professional and answered all my questions.Loved my anesthesiologist.She was the best!When woke up after surgery was alert no nasia That was important to me.This was my third implant- replacing 10 year old gels needing lift as well-Thank you : ) READ MORE

Implant Pulled Away from Chest.Squared off Look at Top ,looking for revision with gels- Sacramento, CA

Very impressed with Dr Yamahata expertise and educational background history.Looking to size up with gels, natural look.I am 5'1" 103. On a 1 to 10 basis my last breast augmentation was a three.I hope Dr Yamahata can give me the rounded at the top of the chest, not squared off look,nor too high natural look.Very nervous.Will do before and after for the communities benefit READ MORE

Questions from Original2

What is the "average" recovery time before allowed to leave facility, after doc preforms Breast Augmentation?

One doctor was1 1/2 hours another was 1 hour.Do not want to be a "mow and blow" patient- READ MORE

After open Septorhinoplasty, corner of eye breaths too. What do I do? What happened?

Just had open rhono septoplasty five weeks ago.Nose looks beautiful.BUT....My eyes around the tear area puff up and down as I breath SLIGHTLY but I see it.The ps said a little... READ MORE

I have subcutaneous air on both eyes and full sides of nose 7 wks after Septorhinoplasty. Should I be worried?

Plastic surgeon assures me it will heal,as he said he consulted the best ents,but I feel I should have made progress by now after 7 weeks.What are the ramifications of this... READ MORE

I suspect doctor is covertly video recording conversations. Why would anyone do this? Does Hippa matter?

I suspect surgeon is covertly video recording conversations without my permission.I am in Ca.I do not think this is ethical .I was tipped off.What should I do? Do I have a... READ MORE

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Thank you ,I had insurance cover most of it.It has been three months post op READ COMMENT

No,I have had many issues.It is heartbreaking and stress full.I cry when I think about it.The center of my eyes goes up and down as I breath and the side walls of collapse as well.My next step is going to Stanford Ca to see a specialist READ COMMENT

Thank you Real Self.I am in the process of getting a ct scan after going to see a doc and ent. Next step may be maxiofacial surgery READ COMMENT

Subcutaneous air seems to be getting worse.Sharpe shooting pain in both sockets.Sides of nose cartilage very weak air looks to be going through there as well.When I Lay down my head pounds.So I sleep in an upright chair.Need to consult... READ COMMENT

My septo/rhinoplasty was 10 thousand.Insurance paid for little over half.Today will be 6 weeks post op for me.Healing still,but every day is better.This was a rough surgery for me,as a victim, as a child, how my nose was broken in the... READ COMMENT