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(20y) BBL doctor in Mexico for THE Snatched Waist/Dramatic Difference

Brazilian Butt Lift

2 Apr 2017, Created 3 months ago

I've been trying to do my research for months now on the right plastic surgeon in Tijuana, Mexico. Im 5 ft 3 currently 138. Real self has been helpful but it has it's problems. For one, I was considering Dr Irving Rodriguez (fairly new doctor) even got added to a private Facebook group for... READ MORE

PRK Surgery with Lasik Vision Institute (Ontario, CA) Via Groupon

I think it'd be helpful for me to share my experience with this business located in Ontario, CA. I don't see any other reviews of this establishment! It won't be very detailed, but rather some words of confidence for anyone considering. After casually looking around different laser eye centers for a LASIK procedure, I came across a Groupon for LVI. The price was an absolute deal and honestly,... READ MORE

Umbilicoplasty and Cost in Inland Empire, CA

For years I've wanted to undergo umbilicoplasty to fix my disfigured belly button. If you have any experience with belly button surgery in the inland empire or specifically in corona/ riverside, CA (including costs) please let me know. Note: I had a hernia repair surgery when I was 7 or so. Currently I'm 17. I absolutely despise this photo. I absolutely dislike my bellybutton. It's... READ MORE

(Unfinished) Removing Dark Pigmented Birthmark on Leg (African American) at Radiance Cosmetic Center - Riverside, CA

Background: I've had a series of birthmarks on my legs since birth. I believe they're called cafe au lait. They're flat and brown in color and, since middle school, I've grown increasingly self-conscious and depressed about my birthmark. I don't expose my legs. I'm currently a 17 year old African American. My skin tone isn't very dark, as seen in my profile picture. It's taken me years to... READ MORE

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Umbiliboplasty Candidacy for Outie? Costs and Expectations (Had Umbilical Hernia Surgery 10 Years Ago) (Photo)

I've had an outie belly button since birth. I truly, truly despise it (since I was 5) and it affects my social and love life. I was born with a hernia, but when I was 7, I went... READ MORE

Are there any doctors that is able to fix belly button to innie despite thin skin? (photo)

I had a consultation for my belly button. I had an umbilical hernia surgery 10+ yrs ago. The doctor who said he couldn't find a way to fix it bc 1. My abdominal muscles... READ MORE

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The office isn't picking up my phone calls and it's getting really annoying /: Keep in mind I've already been in contact with them for weeks prior. READ COMMENT

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