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@newbooty2013 Girlie your results are above amazing!!!! Thank you for sharing your experience, your photos and most of all for not letting the negative comments keep you from sharing your story. You really have helped me with making my... READ COMMENT

Your results are amazing!!!! Post more photos please :) READ COMMENT

You look amazing!!!! Love your results and yes you did the right thing to listen to your doctor because the results look so natural. If I see you in the street I'll be like she's got a natural booty as opposed to Yeh she got it done. So... READ COMMENT

Thank you for posting more pictures :) you look amazing!!!! I kept coming back to see if you had posted more photos. By the way from all the results I've see so far your seem the most perfect and natural. Truly amazing results! Keep... READ COMMENT

You look amazing! Love your results, thank you for sharing your results and progress. I can see you did have a nice body before but you gave yourself a perfect figure :) please post more pictures. I really like Dr. Cortes I may go to... READ COMMENT