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Can I get quite big breast implants? (photo)

My height is around 5"7 and i have broad shoulders. I have boobs that are maybe size b and i have had one pregnancy. They were a bit bigger and perkier before but not much more... READ MORE

Can I have vaginal tightening if I want future babies?

I have a loose vagina and i am young. I want vagina tightening surgery. I'm young and I want lots of children but i really dont want do wait lots of years till i have finished... READ MORE

Biggest size implants my 5"7/5"8 body can take? I want silicone unders. (photo)

Hi i have broad shoulders and my heighy is 5"7 to 5"8 My boobs are around a b size. I want big natural looking boobs that look quitr saggy like natural big boobs What is thr... READ MORE

Birthing after vagina tightening surgery?

What are the options for birthing children after a full tightening of the vagina. inside and outside wall and muscles..surgically. After this surgery will the vagina be too... READ MORE

Can I be put to sleep with general anesthetic for tattoo removal?

I really dont want that pain . Is there Any way. I have four medium size tattoos READ MORE

How can I increase the chances that fat transfered to my breast will stay and not be dissolved?

After fat transfer to breasts what can I do to keep fat staying? And for how long? Eating lots? Not exersising much? Eating fat? Eating protein? that a big percentage of... READ MORE

How can a woman have loose vagina without vaginal delivery?

Hi how can a women whos age is 19 have a loose vagina from the first time she had sex till now? She did not use any toys and nothing had been inside her before loosing her... READ MORE

How many breast fat transfer surgeries to get small c to size E?

Hi I want to do many breast fat transfer surgeries over some time and keep building up natural breasts. This is because I dont want hard breasts. how many surgeries will it... READ MORE

I damaged my skin in sun beds at aged 21. Now my face skin is sagging. Can I get a facelift?

Hi last year i did a month of sunbeds and burnt my skin.. before this my face akin was tight and now it is sagging off my face.. im so upset i had the sunbeds and my skin is... READ MORE

pale young 23 years age sun damaged wrinkly drooping red rough skin after sun beds

How can i treat this.. i had very fair clear nice shiny skin but i got burnt after a month using sunbeds too much now my skin is rough and dry and red and has lines and... READ MORE

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I Am Hopefully Getting Vagina Tightened. I Want Some Experiences from Anyone Who Did.

I want to get my v tightened. I have a loose v genetically I think. I dont mind about how my labia looks I just want a tight vagina all the way up. I live in europe and will... READ MORE

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Hi thanks 4 ur review. i want to get my breasts from small b - c to big mellons and do you think if i do 3 lots of this fat transfer i can do this. i really will not put implants in because they look really hard to me READ COMMENT

Wow i so excitd for mine im just saving for it im definitely getting it READ COMMENT

Hi i am doing this surgery but really dont wanna use so many drugs after because i really like using only natural things. can u tell me anything on this? READ COMMENT


I just have to save the money and then i am definitely getting this surgery READ COMMENT