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30yrs Old, Twin Pregnancy, Hernia & Diastasis - Houston, TX

I work out every single day, eat healthy & I can say I'm in excellent shape except for the most important part of my body, my tummy. It's a mess. I want a flat tummy so bad I can taste it! It's like a dream that seems to far away to me. I've worked so hard now it's time for me to feel good again! Can't wait!!! I met Dr. sukkar yesterday & I really feel confident in him being a good surgeon... READ MORE

Implant Removal no lift, no replacement Houston, TX

I got 450 saline implants in 2009 because I had lost my natural big boobs when I lost 20lbs. It was the biggest mistake of my life. I miss my natural boobs, I hate how big these make me look, my husband doesn't like them, I feel like my chest hurts all the time, I get comfortable when I sleep, They don't make pretty bras that fit me... I can go on forever. I want these things out ASAP. I... READ MORE

Questions from Chasingbeauty2009

I want implants removed! Will I need a lift?

I had saline breast implants (450cc) in 2009. I've gained 15lbs since & I cannot seem to lose the weight even though I'm a runner & eat very clean. I feel as if the... READ MORE

What is a capsule?

I want my saline implants removed under local anesthesia. I have researched this procedure & I see some people saying you can do this as long as you leave the capsule in? I... READ MORE

Looking for a doctor in Houston area to explant under just a local anesthesia.

Are there any doctors willing to explant saline under the muscle implants just using a local? They were placed in 2009, I want just explant. No lift, no new implant. READ MORE

I'm scheduled for my tummy tuck 15 days from now. Should I stop drinking wine?

I'm scheduled for my tummy tuck 15 days from now. I normally drink 2 to 3 glasses of wine per night. Although I'm in perfect health, should I stop drinking wine before my surgery? READ MORE

My belly button has an odd shape, will it change or stay this way? (photos)

I'm 7 days post op & I'm really liking my results but I'm not sure about my belly button. Will it look more rounded when it heals or is this what it's gonna look like? READ MORE

When is it safe to use marble or ear plugs to round out belly button? (photo)

I'm 3 weeks post op full tummy tuck & my belly button seems to be closing more everyday. It's not oozing anything any longer but it is still crusty. When can I use the marble... READ MORE

Loose skin & wrinkles under belly button normal? (photo)

I'm six months post op full abdominalplasty with muscle repair. My stomach looks good when standing straight but when I bent over I have loose & wrinkly skin just under my... READ MORE

What is my best option to improve upper fullness? (photos)

I had 450cc Saline implants for 7 years then I had them removed almost a year ago because my left implant had slid down out of its socket. I do like the way my Breast look, I... READ MORE

What size implant should I consider? (Photo)

I've lost some volume in my upper pole. I would like to be a tad bit bigger then I am right now but not too much bigger. I'd really just like enough CCs to help me look more... READ MORE

Discussions started by Chasingbeauty2009

I'm getting a tummy tuck, I'm concerned about people reacting negatively to my decision. How can I prepare myself for criticism?

I had twins, I have loose skin, hernia & need muscle repair so I'm getting a tummy tuck. My close friends & family react negative to the idea of getting a tummy tuck. They say... READ MORE

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You're very welcome! Good luck on your explant! I'll check out the page, I've never heard of it :) READ COMMENT

You're very welcome! If your in the Houston area I highly recommend de. Kendall Roehl in Webster. Good luck to you on your explant :) READ COMMENT

You look amazing! What kind of lift did he do? I don't see the normal scarring. READ COMMENT

Dr. Kendall Roehl in Webster tx. I highly recommend her! READ COMMENT