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Would a chin implant improve my weak profile? (photo)

I have a short/weak chin which causes my facial features to look scrunched up. Would a chin implant make a difference? I'm 19 years old right now so I'm not looking to rush... READ MORE

I have a slight overbite, can I have correction without surgery (Photo)

I have a slight overbite that makes my chin look weak. When I move my lower jaw slightly forward my profile is much stronger. I have already had dental treatment as a kid but... READ MORE

Is bicuspid extraction reversal possible in a 19 year old male? How long would it take? (Photo)

I posted earlier about having a weak chin and with the help of a doctor's advice I realized it was because of bicuspid extractions. When I edge my lower teeth slightly behind... READ MORE

Is this hyperpigmentation from microdermabrasion? How can I get rid of it? (Photo)

I had microdermabrasion 3 days ago and my skin is very dry and irritated. I also have developed a rash like mark on my right cheek. Is this hyperpigmentation? Will it go away... READ MORE

Will my eye get back to normal once the chalazion is removed or will I need ptosis surgery?

I've had a chalazion for 8 months on my upper eyelid which has caused my eyelid to droop a bit. Will my eye get back to normal once the chalazion is removed or will I need... READ MORE

I have scar tissue following chalazion removal. What are the options?

I have a chalazion that I've had for 8 months and another more recent chalazion removed 3 weeks ago. The swelling has dissipated but there is scar tissue on my upper eyelid... READ MORE

4 weeks post op Chalazion surgery, I'm swelling and have ptosis. Can it improve over the next few months? (photo)

Hi I've had multiple chalazions removed from eyelid a 4 weeks ago and it is not fully improved. It is still swollen. The doctor says there is no ptosis but I can clearly see... READ MORE

3 months post op Chalazion surgery, I have drooping, inflamed eyelids. Is there any chance it can get better? (photo)

Hi I have had a very big chalazion that took up half off my left eye. I had surgery to remove it. It was gone after two weeks but then I had a meibomian gland probing done. My... READ MORE

Is my nose getting bigger? (Photo)

Hi in the last 2 months I have noticed that my nose looks thicker. Is it in my head? Also I have always been self conscious of my thick nose. It straight so it looks good in... READ MORE

Can my nose go back to its original size? (Photo)

Hi, in my last post the pictures I posted were not very clear. I used to have a nice nose that I liked. But recently it has gotten bigger and some friends have noticed. I think... READ MORE

How can I reduce the length of my philtrum?

I have a very long philtrum that throws off my face. Would a nosejob help fix this? Orthodontics? READ MORE

Eyelid still not back to normal after chalazion surgery. Is there any chance that all the inflammation will eventually go away?

I had chalazion surgery 6 months ago but there is still some residual inflammation there. It is not noticeable unless I look very closely but it makes my eyelids uneven and I... READ MORE

Sliding genioplasty or chin implant? Do I also need a lip lift? (Photo)

I had bicuspid extractions for orthodontic treatment as a teen and I've been noticing recently that my face grew downwards, which extraction treatment is known to cause. I have... READ MORE

How long is sliding genioplasty and Rhinoplasty recovery time?

I am seriously considering sliding genioplasty for a bigger chin and more defined jawline. I also want rhinoplasty to thin my nose from the front. I know with genioplasty there... READ MORE

LASIK at 21. Is it too young?

I have awful vision I believe it's a minus 6 and I can't function without glasses. I'm not a big fan of wearing contacts because they irritate my eyes a lot. Now I've heard... READ MORE

Botox for teeth grinding for 20 year old?

Hi doctors, I have developed an awful teeth grinding problem (tmjd) that has put my life on hold. I cannot go to the gym, play sports or even eat a big meal without getting a... READ MORE

Does latisse darken face and body skin?

I am already pretty dark and I don't want to get darker. I heard that skin darkening is a side effect of latisse READ MORE

What are the risks of penis enlargement surgery and how much can I gain? (Photo)

I have a very small penis and it has really affected my sex life negatively. This in turn has ruined my confidence. I heard that penis extenders work, but I also want something... READ MORE