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Hanging columella. Can it be pushed in?

I have already had 2 rhinoplasty a in my nose. However now 7 years later the columella is hanging down more and more. It's more prominent on the left side. Can this be fixed as... READ MORE

Can I do the VI peel 2 weeks after doing the rejuvenize peel?

Will it damage my skin if I don't wait long enough in between READ MORE

I had half a syringe of Restylane under the eyes 2 weeks ago. Is the blue Tyndall effect permanent? I can see the filler.

And now I can see the filler where it was injected and it is blue tindel affect I am beyond upset, I honestly did not even need the under eye are done as I am 30 and have no... READ MORE

I had Restylane under the eye, now have the blue tyndall effect.

If I don't get hydrolonaise to disolve it , will it go away on its own or is it permanent? How long will it take to disappears READ MORE

2 months post op, Restylane caused blue under eye. Is this permanent?

I had half a syringe injected 2 months ago under eye, had no bruising but am Horrified of the blue puffy blue it has left!!! I now look I have bags under my eyes that are blue... READ MORE

Has anyone had any luck using the a switch laser under the eyes to remove Restylne?

I had a bad experience with the blue tindell affect under the eye, I don't want to do hydrolonaise so am wondering if q switch laser wouid help get rid of the restylne READ MORE

My face is swollen & has very large and hard like rocks lumps from Restylane. Is this normal?

Had restylne injected in nasel folds and cheeks only on my left side of face , it has swollen 3xs larger then my right side The restylne also feels like hard rocks under the... READ MORE

Severe damage from Juvederm

Please help what is this?;(((Please please help- since doing juvederm in nasel fold area this black mark it caused on my face is getting bigger and more blue everyday. its been... READ MORE

Juvederm in nasal folds has caused huge purple mark on my face and my face is numb, it's been 10 days and only getting worse

Is this a clogged artery? i have been doing juvederm 10 years and never had any side affects like this. this was a new medspa i tried and i believe the injector caused major damage READ MORE