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Am I a good candidate for TT? Previous vertical scar due to surgery. (photo)

I'm a 38 yo mother of 2. I weigh 140 & 5"1. I have consult for TT/lipo but would like other opinions. I've lost 35# & maintained for 6+ months. The scar is from an... READ MORE

Diet vs tummy Tuck? (photo)

Ive been trying to decide if I could shrink my abdomen with diet alone. I have 2 kids and previous scar is from old surgery in my teens. I had a consult and was told that... READ MORE

Breast reduction and Lift, 36DDD to a full B/small C. Will I have enough breast tissue to remove for insurance coverage? (Photo)

I'm sure I'm a candidate for reduction and lift. I meet criteria for insurance regarding shoulder grooves and thoracic tingling, pain, muscle knots but I'm unsure about the... READ MORE

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No bravery here! :) just me saying I'll be fine, don't worry. I def could have used another 1-2 days of support or just company. But my PS is 2 hrs away and first post op is on Thursday so my husband is taking that day off. I don't have... READ COMMENT

I think we had surgery the same day! I had my surgery 1/31 so I'm also 3 days post op. First day on my own. Husband back to work and kids to school. I have a couple pop ins from my dad and my sister coming to hang out for a few hours... READ COMMENT

Hilarious and wonderful writing! I felt like I was reading one of those fun fiction books you read at the beach! It was good to read a post that gave the gory details wrapped in a sense of humor. You look fabulous. :) READ COMMENT

Very helpful! I think when I was quoted 7500-8500 (sight unseen so estimate) I assumed that was everything. I didn't realize there was a hospital charge also. I'm hoping if it all works out only two weeks out of work will be needed... READ COMMENT

How are doing without the drains now? Feeling better? I'm scouring the site to learn all I can. I have my first consult appt with Dr Lynch on 12/9. Did you like him? I love his before and after pics. Your price seems high compared to... READ COMMENT