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The Beginning of my Journey! 160 Lbs Melted Away! - Richmond, VA

Well, I have decided to share a little about my gastric bypass experience. I was always overweight since I can remember... I was 180 at the age of 12 and the heaviest person in a weight watchers group full of 40+ women. By the time I was 18 I was 280 and hated every second of my 18 years of life... Not just for how I felt about myself but how others treated and felt about me. Going to school... READ MORE

Medial Thigh Lift with Lipo After Weight Loss -Dearborn, MI

Day 4 post op and it is painful. I had the inner thigh lift with the vertical incisions about 3 inches above my knee. My procedure was done by Dr. Donna Tepper at Henry Ford Medical. I have had a previous tummy tuck and body lift by two other surgeons a few years ago and I must say Dr. Tepper was amazing. She gave me a clear image, made no promises that she could make my legs perfect, and was... READ MORE

Questions from Amazloum

I had my thigh lift with vertical incisions two days ago, how long will the intense pain continue?

I have a high pain tolerance but I am unable to make it through the six hours between pain meds (hydrocodone). READ MORE

Dehydration or medication causing urine to be dark?

I have had excessive thirst since surgery and drink about 7 to 8 16 oz bottles of water daily plus other fluids. Still I remain thirsty all the time and I am urinating a lot.... READ MORE

Burning in upper thigh after thigh lift? (photo)

I went to the Dr two days ago because my incision is opening at the intersection on my thigh lift. He told me that happens and takes time to heal. I also asked him about this... READ MORE

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Love you Renata!!! - I swear if I weren't about to give birth and sick I would take a weekend trip to just give you a hug. Lydia - awesome and every single point you made is true... Renata you will get this out of the way then we will... READ COMMENT

Your results are fantastic! Once I have the baby I will post my 1 year results! I can't tell now I am so swollen but I sure hope they are as good as yours!! READ COMMENT

Hey Beach girl! OMG i haven't been on here in forever. I have been busy with the two and three year old and this pregnancy (last one btw lol) and opening my new location for my bridal boutique so this mama has been remodeling yay!!!... READ COMMENT

LOL yes on hold... i went to my follow up last week and she had no idea i was prego... all of the nurses kept it a secret... I have one area she needs to correct (a pocket - I will put pics up in a bit but I discussed on here before)... READ COMMENT

Thanks! 14 weeks left and I am counting the minutes lol... only gained 13 pounds so far!! YAY~ with my son and daughter... READ COMMENT