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Suggestions for Brazilian Butt Lift - Miami, FL

Hello Ladies Ive been on real self for a while now browsing the reviews of the BBL. I was amazed with the works of Dr. Hasan and Fisher at Vanity. After reading more reviews about Vanity, Ive decided that I no longer will pursue any more interest in Vanity. There are many ladies who have... READ MORE

Questions from Chordy

What are the best fillers to treat nasolabial folds?

I am in my mid twenties and have genetically deep nasolabial folds. I am considering an HA filler to treat the area. I would love to have the areas completely smooth, but... READ MORE

What is the best HA filler to treat nasolabial folds?

I am in my mid twenties with genetically deep NL folds. I have read that getting injected in the cheeks is a method used to treat the folds but I have big cheeks so I don't... READ MORE

Mid twenties and interested in a filler for my deep nasolabial folds

I am looking for a well trained injector to perform a filler in my nasolabial fold. After doing research I am still clueless on which of the HA fillers are best for the NL area... READ MORE

What chemical peels are safe for those allergic to salicylic acid and darker complexions?

I want to have a chemical peel done to treat hyper pigmentation, to reduce my pores and to improve the texture of my skin. I've had a series of glycolic peels and... READ MORE

Is there such thing as a safe and effective way to treat nasolabial folds?

I have done tons of research on filleres and came to the conclusion that ha fillers are not 100% safe nor natural. I've read many horror stories on here and other forums that... READ MORE

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Yyyaaaasssss! u look so so good. Its really good to see more of his dolls! READ COMMENT

U look great! glad your feeling better about everything. READ COMMENT

Yeah thae fact that I'm getting it too feels surreal. youll be fine and I'm sure youll have great results! I haven't set a date yet. I have to lose a few pounds before i do the sx. once i start seeing results is when ill set a date... READ COMMENT

His uploaded pics are great i just really wanna see more dr. dv ppl before i make my decision. Right now my doc is salama. I like salama but like dv pics better. u should aim for perfection too! ur weight and height should produce... READ COMMENT