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Do the natural collagen and fats under the eyes re-generate after being dissolved with hyaluronidase? (photo)

I had lumps under my eyes from Restylane injected in 2010. I'd left it alone to dissolve over time. In Jan 2013, I visit a plastic surgeon who said my eyes look terrible (they... READ MORE

Fat reduction when liposuction is not even an option?

I know lipo is the best form of fat removal BUT 2 out of 3 PS I've seen don't think I am a good candidate because of my skin quality, they fear making it worse. I don't think... READ MORE

Thick, lumpy scar tissue under my skin after lipo to ankles/calves. Permanent or will it eventually soften?

They are like thick bands around and above my ankles and formed approx. 8 weeks post op. I am now 14 weeks post op and my ankles look thicker than what I originally had and... READ MORE

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Hi Tori & Florida :) i hope you're both doing well... i always come back and read your posts a few times and you're constantly in my thoughts. I've never told anyone in my life that I've had botox but when two of my close girlfriends... READ COMMENT

Thanks tosha123, I've been weight training lately too so I will try and focus on engaging and taking note of the muscles I'm using in my neck and head too. It makes total sense actually :) I've actually taken down the mirror in my room... READ COMMENT

Hi Tosha123, I was hoping to check in and see how ur doing with your cheek ptosis? I know you wrote this comment a couple of months ago and yes mine is also getting worse at the 4 month mark... Have you seen any improvements to date... READ COMMENT

Hi Forida Girl. Did you find out what this was exactly? I also have excess oil now after botox injections.. im getting alot of those millia spots im so oily just an hour after cleansing that I have to keep wiping my face all day with... READ COMMENT

Thanks all for your responses. Notgivenup when I hear your story I can't even imagine what I'd do in a situation like that. Thanks for the positivity. On a scale of the stories I've read including yours Florida Girls and others on... READ COMMENT