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2nd Time Reduction at 50, Wound Infection 2 Month Battle - Vancouver, BC

This was my second BR, the last one was about 20 years ago, I had it done in Vancouver, other than really bad reaction to the tape and adhesives, it wasn't too bad. When I went into menopause though, it was like someone attached a bike pump to my chest and had a go. I went from a 38 B right up to DDD in a matter of one year. The pain in my neck and shoulders came back, I wound up with sores... READ MORE

Questions from MP1231

How to diminish the itching underneath the steri-strips and surrounding areas?

This is my 2nd BR (last one 20 yrs ago). I'm post-op 10 days now but initially I had a severe reaction to the adhesive (welts that blistered over entire chest, back and torso... READ MORE

Is it painful to have the steri strips removed after a breast reduction?

This is my second BR (20 yrs ago and then now), I don't recall having steri strips however here I am. I have quite hard blotches of dried blood underneath the strips and around... READ MORE

What is the cost of rhinoplasty/deviated septum?

I have had several breaks to my nose as a child and was never taken to the hospital or Dr. I went to a surgeon about 25 years ago and the Dr said she fixed the deviation,... READ MORE

What is the plastic wire sticking out of my incision from breast reduction?

I've got an infection, got antibiotics and noticed today that there was a plastic wire sticking way out of the incision on the bottom scar underneath my breast. I had a... READ MORE

Will the nipples return to normal after Breast Reduction?

I've had my BR done and it seems that my nipples are in a constant state of erectness which is rather painful since they won't go down at all! It actually hurts when material... READ MORE

Wound not healing and PS not available, what should I do?

I had a BR about 1 month ago,the right has completely opened at the T, its now gaping. It has yellow gooey side and then bright red fleshy area that is bleeding. I have been on... READ MORE

What options and cost is involved in having blue veins under the eyes treated?

I have always had a very large blue vein under each of my eyes since birth. People tend to think I take drugs or I'm extremely sick with some disease because they are so... READ MORE

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And I luv your Name. how fun is that! READ COMMENT

Sending you a hug. And as well, feel very sorry for you too. I also have wicked allergic reactions to sutures of any kind and adhesives. I would say mine actually blistered and looked like someone gave me a bunch of lashes all over the... READ COMMENT

Hi Kimmer; I just wanted people to know that unforeseen circumstances can occur I guess. And since it was my second one, the chances for complications are higher. I'm taking care of myself and being strict with everything that I eat and... READ COMMENT

I guess their not obliged at all. After my calling I don't even think that the Dr is back practicing even now. The sad thing is ...she really did do a great job it's just my complications that were unpredictable. I'm caring for myself... READ COMMENT

Oh hey, thanks for saying that, I appreciate the caring comment. It was like one thing going wrong after another. I know that no one can predict family emergencies and with Christmas holidays, it seemed like there was a majority of lack... READ COMMENT