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April 1st soon to be a Duran doll :)

I wanna do bbl, I'm 5'2 about 135-140 and I had "butt shots" about 9 yrs ago I was wandering if there's anyone out there that has both? Lmk ur experiences ladies it mixed reviews from doctors. Some say its no good, others tell me depending on wat the specific Dr tells u or ur situation.... HELP :) :) Got my date about a week ago April 1st can't wait, so close yet so far. I'm planning on... READ MORE

I Got Butt Injections About 9 Years Ago and Everything Was Fine Until - New York, NY

Hi real self, I've never wrote on a blog like this before but after reading so many reviews I felt obligated to share my story and I hope it helps someone out there. I had my butt injected once when I was about 19yrs old by a Colombian lady named Barbara in a spa. I knew a lot of girls that did it w her and had it for a while, they were fine. I was told it was aloe Vera gel, now I know that... READ MORE

Questions from Callmesexy226

9-10 yrs ago I had what I thought was aloe vera injections. Now I have slight discoloration and a small lump? (photo)

1- will this possibly get worst? 2- how can I remove it? 3- is it possible to do bbl although I have this? I don't have a lot in me I only went twice I know girls who went 10... READ MORE

Have illegal butt injections for almost 10 yrs its a bit sensitive theirs 1 small lump on 1 cheek and slight discoloration?

Should I be concerned? Will it get worse or is it possible it'll be ok? I also wanted to do bbl is this safe? Is it possible a infection is developing? What can I do to figure... READ MORE

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Hey real self fam, I'm 29 yrs old and had my ass illegally injected about 9yrs ago with what I was told was aloe Vera

It still looks great except now on one side it's sensitive wen I hit it and there's a small lump and very slight discoloration, should I b concerned? Will it get worse? What... READ MORE

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Thanx 4 sharing and hope ur healing well. Where was ur doctor beautygal? READ COMMENT

@ hollisticlady is the discoloration gettin worse over time? Idk if mine is I posted picks on my other blog n I also jus did fat transfer that went well THANK GOD. Is the only complication discoloration? It's crazy how like 5+ girls hav... READ COMMENT

How do u kno all of this? Do u hav them? READ COMMENT

U look great girl :) I'm a brand new Duran doll n we hav similar results. I wanted to kno how long b4 u layer on ur butt n hips? I'm still so uncomfortable on my stomache smh READ COMMENT

It went well thank god now jus in armonia restin up n healing :) how ru girl? Call me 2moro so we can talk :) READ COMMENT