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Greedy doc injected me, overfilled just for $$. Seriously, I still got carded frequently prior to this and now i get called Ma'am. So upsetting. This was from a supposedly, very good ps, guess greed clouded his judgement. I'm sorry you... READ COMMENT

Yep the greed factor! Mine same way he came in with four syringes and I was screaming telling him that's was too much, and the bastard proceeded READ COMMENT

Same happened to me going on 2 years, doc over filled with Radiesse, way worse, furthermore, he lied and was supposed to be doing my cheeks and did tear troughs, I used to get carded prior to this, now everyone calls me Ma'am! So upset,... READ COMMENT

No relief for me, I have bags dark circles and hollows I didn't have befor, and doc lied he was putting in cheeks and did tear troughs! I asked for my records and before and after photos, he complied then came in and said they were... READ COMMENT

I'm still going through the nightmare, Melanie Tampa, do not go to Dr. Greenwald if you decide to do anything, his greed ruined eyes! I used to get carded prior to the procedure now I get called maam! He over injected now I have bags... READ COMMENT