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Best Surgeon Ive Met - Glendale, CA

This guy is LEGIT. So i hear about his deal on the radio and go see him... I had tuberous breast and many drs wanted to give me a full lift. Eg i am 23 years old so the scars were a no go unless i absolutely needed it...dr Gocken said he did not feel those incisions would be necessary as i had more of a breast deformity than actual droop. He gave me periareolar lift and let me say its healing... READ MORE

Brazilian Butt Lift (square shaped gal)-Beverly Hills, CA

Just had my consultation last week and I am soooo excited! I have lived life as an apple shape and hate it!!! I'm 5'2 currently 155 lbs and 20 yrs old. I have been wanting this procedure for the past year so I gained approx 20 lbs just for this and I plan on gaining 10 lbs more just to make sure I am happy with the result! ( I'd rather it look a little bigger than I want rather than smaller) I... READ MORE

Questions from Jb93

How curvy can I get my body to look? Surgery jan 13 should I gain more weight for what I want? (photo)

I want a shapely figure, I have no hips at all and lil projection! I'm 5'2 155 lb. lipo of waist,bra roll, entire abdomen and lower back. I have a very athletic build n after... READ MORE

Can liposuction damage knots in back muscles?

I have a chronic problem with back cracking(literally snap crackle pop) but I do NOT feel pain! Maybe a little soreness at most, been happening for as out 6 months my doctor... READ MORE

Accupuncture before and after surgery?

I know a lot of doctors don't believe in treatment that the pharmaceutical companies don't support. "Due to lack of scientific evidence (because these companies wouldn't even... READ MORE

Is it okay to have Marijuana in system and general anesthesia in 11 days?❌❌❌❌

Ok so i know that u can't smoke anything at least 2 weeks or so before general anesthesia (BBL/LiPO) I stopped smoking marijuana (NOT NICOTINE)) 3 days ago and have surgery in... READ MORE

1 day PO BBL, when I lay on stomach/side my arms the swollen and lose feeling. What is happening?

I got a bbl yesterday morning and whenever I lie on my stomach/ sides my hands and arms get swollen and lose feeling. I did NOT have arm liposuction. I only had lipo on the... READ MORE

Can I drive for two hours at at time 3 1/2 weeks post op from a BBL?

I need to begin driving to school again next Monday and that will be ALMOST 4 weeks since I had BBL fat grafting... I don't want to completely sit on my butt still, doc said I... READ MORE

How are my areola's healing? 4 days post op from periareolar lift with 375 cc unders. (photos)

I feel like one isnt stitched completely on the top half? It looks like its protruding away from the breast skin it should be attached to. Im really scared of nipple necrosis... READ MORE

Why are my nipples still low? (Photo)

About 5 days ago i got a periareolar lift with implants (375cc) because i had a mild deformity of tuberous breasts. I am 22 years old and in good shape... I am wondering if my... READ MORE

Can I use Sculptra for hip augmentation?

Ok so i have literally zero hips and zero waist thanks to me being 100% athletic...now i do have a booty tho 34-28-39. So im curvy from the side but no front/back curves :(((... READ MORE

Is it possible to dissolve fat? As in stubborn area fat? Lipase(?) injections? Theres this thing called PB serum

Ok so my aunt got these injections all over her stomach.. The dr injected 3"enzymes" cant remember all but i think lipase+ hyaluronic acid injections called PB SERUM (page in... READ MORE

Nipple necrosis? Epithelial lysis?? Help!!! 9 weeks post op (photos)

Ok so i had my 1 yr old nipple piercings removed yesterday since they were being rejected due to pressure on the swollen areola so pix look scary. The left nipple is SO dry... READ MORE

Discussions started by Jb93

What should I do to prepare for surgery?

My XR date is set for jan 13 and I was wondering if I should take any supplements before hand? Also wondering if anyone has medicated with cannibis post op? Not smoking tho... READ MORE

Recent comments from Jb93

I kinda wanted it a bit bigger but once my waist isn't so swollen I'm hoping it'll look larger... It is definitely much bigger/shapelier than my starting point! my doc said my booty shouldn't shrink much anymore current measurements... READ COMMENT

Lol no I only got 2 light scars and they can be hidden by a thong the scars should lighten up more since it's only been a month (: READ COMMENT

Haha yay! I honestly always wanted it my mom and aunt both got it done over 7 years ago when I was a preteen and their results have lasted!!! READ COMMENT

If it's a fat transfer it WILL freak real, implants are another story.. Recovery was a bitch but it went by so quickly since I was on pills for two weeks.. I'm on week 4 and it went by super quick! my butt already jiggles quite a bit READ COMMENT