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Would a third revision rhinoplasty help even though I have scar tissue problems?

I am a 47 years old man. I had my first rhinoplasty (in Iran) when I was 20. Five years ago I did a second surgery (in Europe). One year after (in 2009), I underwent a third... READ MORE

Substantial width increase over the ala area; what can be done? (photo)

A characteristic feature of many attractive noses is the curvature of the lower sidewalls, slightly pointing inward. During my last surgery, the tip was repositioned in two... READ MORE

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Anybody had a third revision?!

I am a 47 years old man, and I currently live in Europe. I had my first rhinoplasty done in Iran when I was only 20 (in 1986). The results were extremely satisfactory, and I... READ MORE

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Doubledee, I am really sorry that you are having breathing problems, but believe me your nose looks good. Scar tissue generation seems to be the biggest challenge for any revision rhynoplasty surgeon, and the biggest nightmare for the... READ COMMENT

Angiemcc, your nose looks very nice … you definitely don’t need a second revision. ;-) I myself am far from being a perfectionist; I just want my old nose back! :-( I have to admit; it is quite scary that I haven’t managed to find ... READ COMMENT

Angiemcc, thanks a lot for the link. Lots of useful information there ... As the community manager, have you ever come across posts/stories about third revisions?! READ COMMENT