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Wanting to Explant Only 2 Months Post BA... - Roanoke, VA

I am 25yrs old, 5"3, 105lbs. I am 2months post ba w/371 silicone unders. I started out with a small a cup. I do not like how these implants feel inside of me whatsoever....I have slight rippling near the cleavage area of my right breast and its kind of sore, and I have a pulling/stretching sensation near the cleavage as well. I was so excited to finally be getting boobs, but now that I know... READ MORE

Questions from gettingMEback2014

Explanting 6 months post ba? (photo)

I am 25yrs old, 5"3, 105lbs & have 371silicone partial unders.I am unhappy w/implants &looking to explant at my 6month mark.Do I have to have them removed en bloc?My ps... READ MORE

How come some women have their muscles reattached when they explant & others don't?

I'm having my 371under the muscle implants removed in a couple of months. Will I have muscle deformity if I don't have my muscles reattached? Is there a way to tell if I will... READ MORE

What are my chances of bouncing back to my pre ba self. Explanting 4 months after ba? (photo)

I am 25, 105lbs, started w/a small a cup and got 371 silicone unders. I am uncomfortable with these implants and I am having them removed at my 4month mark.My ps will be... READ MORE

Will lateral displacement go away after explant? (photo)

I am experiencing lateral displacement, you can clearly see it in my right breast when I lay down. It is not visible when I am standing. I have had my 371silicone unders for... READ MORE

Can my nipple shape/color be corrected 4 months after explant? (photo)

I had implants for 4months &decided to explant bc I hated how they felt & my body was not accepting them.I don't mind my small breasts and do not miss the implants.However,I am... READ MORE

What can be done to improve my nipple, distortion and shape of breasts post explant? Implants not an option. (photos)

I had 371silicone unders for 4months,body was not accepting them & I had them removed. My ps left the capsules in & did no muscle repair.I have a horrible distortion when I... READ MORE

Is fat transfer to the breasts safe? Would you perform this on your patients?

I had implants for 4months under the muscle, my body rejected them. I now have bad distortion whenever I move or flex certain ways. I am considering Dr.Ahn for muscle repair... READ MORE

Can muscle repair and possible fat transfer help my distortion and give shape back to my breasts? (photos)

Only had implants(unders)for 4months, absolutely hated them, they were not for me.(7months post explant)I'm not concerned w/having huge breasts anymore,just want to get the... READ MORE

Horrible muscle distortion post explant. How can this be fixed? (Photo)

I had silicone implants under the muscle for cosmetic purposes for exactly 4months before explanting.Hated the feeling of implants&will never consider reimplanting.Explanted... READ MORE

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Your results are beautiful! I had implants under the muscles for only 4 months and explanted bc I hated the feel of them. I'm now almost 2 years post explant. My breasts distort terribly when I flex my pec muscles, literally half my... READ COMMENT

Hey Seetie, I was wondering if you had any updated photos and how you're feeling. I explanted and I'm tiny like you. Thank you! READ COMMENT

Hey Lola....I was wondering how your breasts feel with fat transfer. I had implants for 4 months and hated them so I had them removed. Considering getting muscle repair, nipple correction on my right side that was messed up from... READ COMMENT

Hey January, I was just wondering how you are doing. I also had a few questions....I had 371 silicone unders for only 4 months then I explanted with my original ps, who apparently had more experience implanting and not explanting. Now I... READ COMMENT

Hey girl, how are you doing? Do you have any updated pics? I am trying to stay strong. I like the looks and feel of my left right breast (the one that caused me issues with implants) has a fold under the nipple and I don't... READ COMMENT