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Mrs. Fern Goodale - York, Maine

I had a great experience, lots of shots, wasn't very painful, but I disliked the sound of the needles puncturing the skin, but otherwise it went very quickly and I was fine after and went about my day normally. I am so happy, I am doing great, i've had a few Migraines but they were not as bad and don't have them daily anymore, its a miracle for me! READ MORE

Questions from Fern37932

Will I have to get the botox shots for the remainder of my life? (photo)

I have received Botox for chronic migraines i've had for fifty years, first round of treatments are going so well, It' a dream come true, "will I have to get the shots for the... READ MORE

What are your views on Dr. Guyuron's nerve deactivation surgery?

What are your views on Dr, Guyuron from Ohio, nerve deactivation surgery? I have read and researched this procedure and hope one day I can have this done, very costly so hoping... READ MORE

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I got it for my Migraines which I have suffered for fifty years, insurance is now paying for it and I went to see the specialist and I am soooo happy with the results, I had severe Migraines nearly everyday of my life and since Oct.7th.... READ COMMENT

I will tell you, I was on so many meds, that I was so sleepy all the time and now after the Botox, I'm not taking any meds at all, I feel so much better, but I did get a stiff neck for 1-1/2 weeks but it went away . READ COMMENT

I also had a stiff neck that lasted a week or two but finally went away, I used advil and that helped. READ COMMENT

Happy for you I too have suffered terribly w/ Migraines for 50 trs. just had my first round of injections and its working great, just a few Migraines, instead of the daily ones, I feel like its a miracle to have found Botox!!!!! READ COMMENT

Botox has changed my life , I just had my 1st round of treatments, Dr. warned me it may not give me much relief until the second or third round of shots, but has already proven to me after 50 yrs. w/ Migraines and 35+ different meds... READ COMMENT