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Second time lucky!

Since I was 18 I've wanted this but always thought my breasts would grow as they were still apparatus developing. Also the woman in my family are all well endowed and don't see why I would want this done, my mum is completely against it and doesn't support my wanting to have this done. Every time I'd mention it in the past she'd always get so angry at me so I eventually stopped showing how... READ MORE

Questions from Wendy22

How important is aftercare when getting breast augmentation?

I'm trying to weigh the pro's and con's to getting a BA done abroad compared to the uk. I had a consultation at transform in edinburgh last week after researching several... READ MORE

What cautions should I take as a diabetic when having a BA?

I'm mainly wanting to know what extra risks there may be as a diabetic and what aftercare I would need. Would I need extra aftercare or would. Just take longer to heal? Also is... READ MORE

Is it safe to fly 30 hours after breast augmentation (unders)?

My surgery is at 9am and i was planning on staying in a hotel that night and traveling home the next afternoon. I can either take a 2 hr flight home the next day or 8 hrs on... READ MORE

Aftercare - what does this include? And how much should you expect to get after BA?

Hi, I was wondering if someone could give me a rough outline of what aftercare I should expect to receive after my BA. I have been to several consultations and have been told... READ MORE

What is the likelihood of BA surgery going wrong? Or having complications which require their removal?

I've only told a couple of people about having a BA and everyone has said it's not worth it because of complications. I'm now getting scared but really want to have this done,... READ MORE

Smoking before/after surgery?

I stopped smoking cigarettes a couple of months ago and have a vaporiser (e-cig) instead now. I have gradually been using liquids with lower and lower nicotine strength and was... READ MORE

Should I stop using the sunbeds before my BA?

I know that I should avoid the sunbeds after my BA, but will it affect the appearance of my scars if I am not my natural colour before surgery? I had a tattoo lazered off a... READ MORE

What size will 300cc silicon unders make me? (photo)

I'm currently a 32A (30B in some bras), 5'6, 60kg. I'm trying to decide what size to go for, my surgeon had suggested 300cc and I was wondering what size I might be after? I... READ MORE

295cc or 325cc? (Photo)

My surgery is in 2 weeks and my surgeon suggested 325cc anatomical under the muscle. I am currently a 32A (I think!) and I have pictures of what I want to be. I'm scared of 325... READ MORE

Is it ok for me to cycle yet? (Photo)

I had my BA (325 anatomicals under the muscle) on the 28th of feb. I haven't had much pain and no bruising, I don't think they are swollen. I know I'm not supposed to exercise... READ MORE

Discussions started by Wendy22

Tips for having BA abroad (brussels)?

I've had a few consultations at transform and the hospital group but after those decided there wasn't much difference in having the procedure done in the uk compared to... READ MORE

Will I be ok going by myself?

I'm planning on traveling from Scotland to brussels on my own as I have no one to go with me. I'm having mine done first operation of the day because I'm diabetic and they... READ MORE

Did you wish you had gone bigger?

I recently had to cancel my surgery where I was going to have 300cc under the muscle round implants. Now I'm thinking of re booking and have had a consultation with a new... READ MORE

Recent comments from Wendy22

They have agreed to a part refund, I'm still losing £1100 though but I'm trying not to think about that part! READ COMMENT

Damn I wish I'd spoken to you before! I got scared and didn't go.. READ COMMENT

I find it easier to sleep on my back if I bend one leg so that my foot is resting half way up my other leg, kind of like a praying mantis position! Or also in a starfish position READ COMMENT

Best valentines gift ever! READ COMMENT

Thanks I really appreciate you both being so honest! I have asked my flatmate if he'll come with me but he doesn't think he can get it off work, I'm getting it done on feb 14th but am struggling to find someone who will come with me! READ COMMENT