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How do I treat under-eye skin that was burnt with face products?

12 days ago I foolishly applied a harsh face wash rigorously over my face & the under-eye area. Within 24 hrs my face turned red, whereas the skin under my dark circles became... READ MORE

Can I get anesthesia and IV sedation soon after my restylane injections?

I have scheduled restylane under eyes two days before my abdominal surgery which will require local anaesthesia and IV sedation. Will healing be impaired in any way due to this? READ MORE

How soon can I get a top-up on my under eye Restylane filler? What is the recommended waiting period?

I'm confident I need more filler to get the results I'm aiming for. I got filler a couple of days ago, so I realise I may have to wait at least a week or two. Is that too soon? READ MORE

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Calling someone delusional just because you haven't had the same experience is very rude. Consider yourself lucky that your native hyaluronic acid was restored, but that's not the same for every single person who has used hyaluronidase.... READ COMMENT

I hope things get better for you. READ COMMENT

Don't try fat injections please. Fat is irreversible and a bad result can dramatically destroy your face permanently. Just leave it, and don't make it worse. READ COMMENT