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Today I had a septorhinoplasty, I have minimal bruising but a bit of swelling, just wondering when my swelling & pain will peak?

My bruising is really minimal, a little bit around my eyes... no big deal. I'm swelled up a bit around my eyes, apples of my cheeks, and between my eyebrows... I had an open... READ MORE

How many days after an open septorhinoplasty can I start smoking cigarettes again? Will it effect the results in anyway?

Please refrain from giving me a lecture on how smoking is bad for me. I'm aware of the risks of smoking. Thank you. READ MORE

I had a septorhinoplasty, and I was wondering why some people put tape on their nose after taking their splints off?

Does it affect the results in anyway? does it help keep the tip upturnt? I've even heard that some people keep a tape on their nose for as long as 6 months! (on and off) READ MORE

I accidentally took out my dissolvable stitches?

I had an open rhinoplasty a week ago and today I accidentally took out my dissolvable stitches on one side of my nose, it's the ones on the bottom base of my nose, it doesn't... READ MORE

How long after my open rhinoplasty can I resume smoking cigarettes?

I know cigarettes are bad for me, and am NOT looking to quit, so I just want to know when the best time for resuming is... READ MORE

I feel like the tip of my nose is dropping, will taping help?

I had an open septorhinoplasty 3 months ago, I feel like the tip of my nose is dropping, will taping it help? What should I do? Will taping even matter 3 months post op? I'm so... READ MORE