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My 2nd BA with Teardrop implants 425cc Gummy Bears - London, UK - 14 months Post Op - New Photo - possible rotation

I only discovered Realself around 2 days before my 2nd BA & I have therefore put off doing a review. I will start it now & hope that I don't miss things out or forget things. Please feel free to message me if you have any questions or if you would like to comment on my post you're more than... READ MORE

Questions from LilPeach

Should I get my teardrop implants under or over when I am very slim with no natural breast tissue?

I am very slim, around 118lbs (8st 2lbs) & I'm just under 5f 8". I have hardly any natural breast tissue, I used to be a 32AA cup until I had my first BA. I only have... READ MORE

Do I 'have' to wear a sports or surgical bra after my BA?

Hi, I had anatomical breast implants 8 days ago & EVERY bra is irritating me terribily, I have tried at least 8 styles & a few in different sizes. The cups are wireless... READ MORE

Why am I getting an ache & a blood rushing into my boobs feeling especially when I'm laying down?

Hi, I am 12 days post op. This is my 2nd BA 15 years apart from my first. I have gone up 135cc in size from 290 - 425cc. I had a lot of scar tissue surrounding my left implant... READ MORE

When you have replacement breast implants, does the surgeon keep the old capsule?

I am confused as to whether the surgeon (any) keeps the old capsule surrounding the previous implant or if they remove it. I am planning a 3rd op & I was advised not to have... READ MORE

How can I learn about different silicone implant profiles?

I currently have 425cc teardrop implants, I'd like to change back to round ones of a similar size because I dislike the shape & feel (amongst others things) but how can I learn... READ MORE

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Hello, have you made a complaint about your previous surgeon? I think they all have a complaints procedure & then maybe you could try a no win no fee lawyer perhaps? Best of luck though, definitely shop around READ COMMENT

They look so real :) READ COMMENT

How are you now? Would love updated photos :) READ COMMENT

At least your surgeon is kind enough to fix you, they should all be more like that ;) READ COMMENT

Hi Yada, have you been back to see your surgeon for his opinion? READ COMMENT