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Dr. Reath caused deviated septum & nose to collapse

I am scheduled to have a consultation April 10, 2015 with Dr. Davis. I am very nervous about choosing a surgeon for my revision, as my revision is going to be very complex. If anyone out there are past or current patients of Dr. Davis please share with me your experience and photos. Also, if... READ MORE

Questions from Valerie91288

Can someone please recommend a few surgeons who specialize in symmastia revisions or who are known for performing many of them?

I have symmastia with my breast implants. These are my second set of implants. The doctor placed them too close together in an effort to achieve cleavage and decrease the... READ MORE

Can you recommend surgeons in US specializing in Rhinoplasty revision/reconstruction? (Photo)

My surgeon said his internal sutures had came loose causing all my cartilage to drop down. I now am left with very pointy areas on the tip of my nose. I cannot breathe well. I... READ MORE

Chemical peel left scratch like marks that are deep wounds now. Please help. What could have caused this?

This isn't my first chemical peel. When I walked into the office my skin looked fine. During the peel a mark on my left cheek came up that looked like a cat scratch. Then on my... READ MORE

Breakout acne, cyst, & cuts after Chemical Peel. Clear prior except for 4 dark spots. How do I stop this? (photo)

Why am I getting cyst after my peel & how do I stop them? Did I destroy my skin? I don't want another peel as this one caused cuts in my skin. Will I continue to get cyst now... READ MORE

Are there any products that can help acne sores and small abrasions heal faster?

I need something that I can topically apply that will speed up the healing on small abrasions such as acne sores. These small areas seem to last forever on my face. READ MORE

Is my left lower eyelid drooping because of botox being injected under the bottom lash line? (Photo)

I have botox all around my eyes for crow's feet. I also for the first time got a tiny amount injected right below each bottom lash line. The photo of the left is my left eye... READ MORE

Discussions started by Valerie91288

Best Surgeon in the US to do reconstructive rhinoplasty for a nose job that turned out bad? Scared of choosing the correct one.

Around 2005 I had rhinoplasty done to smooth out a bump on the top of my nose and to thin the tip a bit... At first it looked ok.. It never looked great. But after a few months... READ MORE

Surgeons who specialize in Revision &/or Symmastia Breast Augmentation???

I have had two implant surgeries so far.  My last surgery has left me with symmastia (my implants are merging into one).  My previous surgeon caused this by making my... READ MORE

Best Butt Implant Doc in the US. Recommendation?

Anyone who has had buttock implants can you please tell me about your doctor, your overall experience, and if you're happy or not. Do you recommend this procedure or regret... READ MORE

Dr. Shlomo Widder (in Virginia) for butt implants?

Does anyone know anything about this doctor? Has anyone had butt implants by him? Can you tell me your experience? His photos look good.Who do you recommend for butt implants?I... READ MORE

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Are you still here? I was going to let him do my surgery. What happened? READ COMMENT

I was going to pay the fee for a consult for a BBL with this doc this week. I read your review and now I don't know who to go to. Any suggestions? Don't give up. I'm sorry for this. READ COMMENT

Can you please post after photos READ COMMENT