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The Breast Question - Buffalo, IL

I'm really looking for true insight here. Not just: having a BA will change your life, or everything is perfect after you have boobs. I want to know how you see yourself now that you've gone through with it, what was the best part, the worst part, why you're happy you did it.... It all started in middle school. I was small vs other girls I thought looked like high schoolers. We are all so... READ MORE

Recovery in full swing

I'm 35 years old, 5'0" and 103 lbs. Mother of 4 kids between the ages of 8-1. After having my son I thought I'd never get my waist back. It's something I seemed to mourn now that I look back. I hated the saggy skin I had to tuck in the jeans. Even though I lost the 50 lbs I gained with the pregnancy, my belly was super stretched. People said I was all belly! That comes with a price. I know... READ MORE

Questions from Precious22

Is it true that 50-75% of women that get a breast augmentation have problems with capsular contractures?

I'm considering having a BA. I'm very small chested-34AA. I want to go ahead with the surgery but every time I look into the complications it looks like I'll be in and out of... READ MORE

Recent comments from Precious22

Yes. I understand the feeling. So happy I went up to 325's. I feel sexy and even though I don't really show them off that much, my husband and I are having fun with them. READ COMMENT

I'm sorry to hear that. Definitely not what anyone expects to have to do. I just went back for a bigger size too. I felt so hesitant. I knew after all the indecision I needed to have revision to be happy with the results. We've changed... READ COMMENT

Looking great mama! You've stayed so optimistic through all of this. I'm encouraged. Just had my own revision because of size exchange. Appreciate your updates :) READ COMMENT

So glad you did this for yourself! My husband was the same way. He didn't care either way but wanted me to be happy. I was freaking out too last min but rescheduled. You are looking great by the way! Good luck healing . Rest as much as... READ COMMENT

Looks like they fit your body beautifully. I've had the same feelings of going bigger. So I understand. How are you feeling about the size now? READ COMMENT